How to Be in Sync with Your Body – (3 Audios)

How to Be in Sync with Your Body - 3 Audios by Dr. Patricia Carrington(Formerly titled "Harmonizing Your Natural Rythms")

Did you know that becoming more in sync with your body can provide a wide array of health benefits?

By tuning in into your natural bodily rhythms, you can resolve sleep problems, discover increased vitality and energy and detect potential illness and disease.

In this training series, Dr. Carrington will teach you how to use EFT/Tapping to sleep easily and comfortably, to exercise the fundamental human Rest-Activity cycle, and to detect early subtle messages from your body that can improve your health and well being. (Read description of individual audios..)



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Overcome Self-Blame – Audio

Product by Dr. Patricia Carrington

(Formerly entitled "A New Way to Overcome Self Blame Using EFT #38)

This training class uses an exciting new approach to EFT that works to allow one’s inner “EFT Voice” to overpower the inner voice of Self Blame, right while you are blaming yourself –– on-the-spot.  It can be dramatically effective in turning around your mood and outlook.

You can replay this training session as often as you want to train yourself to counter the harsh inner critic within yourself and become far more effective.











Secrets of Tapping for Self-Worth (Free Download)

Our sense of self worth is elusive, hidden from us much of the time. What creates it? What is presently blocking it from becoming much stronger? In this 90 minute teleseminar, I lead you in tapping to create a new and powerful sense of self worth. Here you will tackle the hidden self-condemnations that lurk in the back of your mind while at the same time enhancing your sense of being a truly worthwhile person.


 Dr. Carrington's "Tapping for Self-Worth" Tapping Class

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