10th Anniversary Edition By Donna Eden with David Feinstein, Ph. D.

In this 10th Anniversary Edition of her classic guide to Energy Medicine, Donna Eden shows readers how to work with the body's energy systems to:

* Boost vitality and stamina
* Strengthen the immune system
* Relieve pain and common complaints such as colds and tension headaches
* Sharpen mind and memory
* Enhance overall health with an invigorating Daily Energy Routine

Featuring extensive updates and revisions drawn from Donna Eden's work with thousands of patients and students over the past decade, this revised edition includes a new introduction by the author and a new section on energy techniques to protect and heal the body when surgery, chemotherapy, or other invasive medical procedures are necessary.

(Hear and download my interview with Donna Eden)




Donna Eden’s Energy Interventions Interview (Free Download)

DONNA EDEN is one of the world’s most sought after, most inspiring, and most authoritative spokespeople in the area of Energy Medicine. Her abilities as a healer are legendary and her best-selling book, Energy Medicine, is the classic in its field. In this ground breaking teleseminar, Donna will address an issue that concerns everyone who uses meridian tapping. What do we do when tapping doesn’t work to shift a person’s energy and that person remains “stuck” in an undesirable emotional state.

Whether you are a practitioner of meridian tapping (perhaps using TFT, EFT, or another form, with your clients) or you simply use the method for yourself, you will be helped by Donna’s understanding of the underlying basis of the unexpected resistances to tapping that sometimes occur.

Among other things, she will explain the energy configurations that underlie anxiety and depression and show you how to shift them so that healing can be resumed. This is an eye opening interview.

Listen right now, or download for later. (To download, right click or control click the links)