Meditation Audio Lessons – with Dr. Patricia Carrington

The audios here are excerpted from Dr. ’s Learn to Meditate Course.  In this course she teaches her award winning Clinically Standardized Meditation (CSM) technique.  Visit the links below to listen to segments of this course.

Notice that the tempo of the recordings is intentionally slow and meditative in nature; this is done to evoke the “meditative mood” necessary for the learning of this technique.

(Be sure your speakers are turned on!)


Explore a topic ––

Preparatory Exercise for Meditator

Meditation to Lessen Self-Blame

Problems Encountered with Meditation

Meditation for Greater Inner Independence

Issues That Face the New Meditator

Meditation for Relationships

Establishing a Meditation Routine

Meditation and Time of Day

How to Fit Meditation into a Busy Lifestyle

Dr. Carrington’s Personal Meditation Experiences

How CSM Was Developed

The New York Telephone Meditation Experience

Meditation for High Blood Pressure Asthma / Tension Headaches

Meditation for Insomnia

Meditation to Increase Energy and Visual- Motor Coordination

Meditation for Addictions


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"Meditation for Healing
and the Relief of Pain"

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Step-by-step instruction in Dr. Patricia Carrington's award-winning, Clinically Standardized Meditation.