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Learn to Meditate Kit – Clinincally Standardized Meditation

Recipient of the National Health Association Award for the Best Corporate Stress Management Program of the Year, the Learn to Meditate Kit represents the simplest, safest, and most authoritative form of in-home- meditation instruction presently available for the general public.

Stress management expert Dr. is your teacher and her voice provides a blend of authority, genuineness and warmth, which makes learning her “CSM” meditation method a unique and powerful experience.

This easy-to-follow instruction kit contains downloads of the 8 audios used in the companywide CSM meditation program of  New York Telephone Company, plus the Learn to Meditate Manual (PDF). Using this method you can master meditation within a week and feel its powerful effects at once.

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The Complete Meditation System

The award-winning Clinically Standardized Meditation (CSM) method is recognized by medical authorities and corporations worldwide for its effectiveness and extreme ease of use.

It's the major clinical meditation technique in the world today — so simple to learn that it can be mastered within one week of using the Learn to Meditate Kit.

The Complete Learn to Meditate System contains 8 downloadable training audios that consist of over 14 hours of guiding instruction from Dr. ; the same lessons used in the New York Telephone Company program, a download of the Learn to Meditate Manual and The Book of Meditation, Dr. Carrington's classic complete guide to modern meditation.

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The Complete Meditation System





The Book of Meditation, by , Ph.D. has been hailed as a classic in the field of modern meditation and is the leading book on the use of meditation for purposes of therapy. This book combines pioneering scientific research with sound psychological theory to debunk the myths and show how individuals can make meditation an integral part of their everyday life.

This book answers many very common questions about meditation, such as, "Are some mantras really better than others?"

Is it possible to meditate too much? (And if so, how much is too much?)

Is there scientific evidence that meditation induces more creativity?

Can it make you less productive?

These questions and many more are answered in The Book of Meditation; answers not derived from tradition or what Dr. Carrington learned from her teachers, but rather from compelling evidence and controlled experiments.

The Book of Meditation E-Book

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The Book of Meditation Hard Copy





How to Relax CD by Dr. Patricia CarringtonHow many times during your day can you lie down in a quiet place with your eyes closed? It's good when you are learning to relax – as a first step — but not for everyday of relaxation.

This is the premise under which my How to Relax audio was developed, after Random House contacted me some years ago to produce an audio on relataxation as part of a self-improvement audio series they were launching.

The How to Relax audio differs from most other relaxation trainings in that it does not teach you how to relax while sitting or lying down, but while you are in action. It shows exactly how to relax unessential muscle groups while retaining tension in those muscles used especially for a particular activity. This is what a skilled athlete does, or an animal loping along at high speed. The result is an unusually useful training that can benefit us all.



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Combining Modern Meditation with EFT (Article)

By Patricia Carrington

Recently, I met up with someone who was familiar with my training methods and writings on meditation, and who asked me, naively, “Why did you leave meditation for EFT? Do you think EFT is that much better?”


CSM Professional Pak

Product by Dr. Patricia Carrington

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The CSM Professional Pak for Clinicians is designed for professionals who wish to teach meditation or who wish to carry out research using meditation. The pack includes all of the basic CSM training components needed to learn the method:

Download PDF of Dr. Carrington's classic Book of Meditation giving background information, research, and advice on the modern forms of meditation.

The authoritative Learn to Meditate Kit instructional materials (Downloadable audios and instruction manual)

The essential CSM Supervisor's Kit (available as 3 CDs or audio downloads along with PDFs of the instruction manuals.)

While these components may be purchased separately, everything you need is conveniently bundled into one invaluable professional CSM combination pack.



CSM Supervisor’s Kit

Product by Dr. Patricia Carrington

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The CSM Supervisor's Kit consists of 6 lectures plus a Supervisor's Manual. Some of the topics covered in the kit include; using CSM with a variety of clinical conditions (e.g. anxiety, stress-related disorders, sleep disorders, schizophrenia, addictions, etc.); the role of the supervisor using CSM in clinical settings: how to motivate and help trainees to maintain the practice; suggestions for suitable training locations and on-site protocol, running group training and follow-up sessions, using CSM in research, and using CSM in educational and organizational settings.


NOTE: Each student who is learning to meditate will need their own Learn to Meditate Kit, sold separately or as part of the CSM Professional Pak for Clinicians.

CSM has considerable value when used within organizational settings.  

  • Commercial organizations
  • Public authorities
  • Stress and life-style management courses

Health care providers who wish to use CSM as a clinical or research tool can obtain a CSM Supervisory Kit which will enable them to supervise the use of this method for their patients or trainees. The kit contains clinical lectures on the use of CSM with varied personality and health problems (on three audio-tapes) and a Supervisory Manual.



Using EFT to Relax Muscle Tension (Article)

by Patricia Carrington, Ph.D.

I have long worked with relaxation methods and meditation methods which, each in its own way, create deep relaxation. However not until very recently did I think of using EFT as a formal “relaxation method.”

One of the things we find with relaxation techniques is that sudden relaxation can be threatening.  If we are feeling tense, with our muscles tightened, it usually works better if we can move gradually into a relaxation mode. The reason is that muscle tension is a basic survival mechanism. Today it is often a misapplied effort at survival, however –– we are probably tensing up over something that is not life-threatening –– but in the primordial world where our ancestors existed for millennia, having properly tense, muscles when they were needed was often a matter of life and death. Whether or not one could supply enough muscle tension to fight for survival or to flee, was a crucial matter.

For this reason there is often something inherently threatening to a tense person in the idea of relaxing. It is though we would be ambushed if we were to relax!

This dilemma is handled in different ways with different relaxation techniques, but EFT is a particularly rapid change technique and I have found that if you want to relax muscular tension using EFT that the best way to do this is by using a three step process which goes as follows:


Releasing – by Dr. Patricia Carrington

Releasing - Book by Dr. Patricia CarringtonThe "Releasing" method presented by Dr. Carrington in this book allows you to  effortlessly let go of the need to over-control your environment.

When you do this you will find that your life flows, far more smoothly and you achieve your goals far more rapidly. This step-by-step, in many ways revolutionary book, is packed with fascinating anecdotes of clients and others who have used this method to change their lives. It is also extremely useful to all those who have learned the Sedona Method of Releasing and want to take it a step further.


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"Meditation for Healing
and the Relief of Pain"

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