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Dr. Patricia Carrington's award winning meditation technique CSM (Clinically Standardized Meditation) is a clinically sensitive meditation method developed by the Medical Department of New York Telephone Company and used by numerous medical institutions, organizations, and individuals worldwide. For information click here.

The articles below have been excerpted from ‘The Book of Meditation’ by Patricia Carrington, Ph.D.


Is Meditation a Unique State?

How Does Meditation Differ From Prayer?  

Is Meditation Just a Form of Self Hypnosis?

How Does Meditation Differ from Progressive Relaxation?

How Does Biofeedback Differ From Meditation?

How Do Meditation Techniques Differ from One Another?

Meditating Under Special Circumstances 

Reducing Exam Anxiety

Enhancing Athletic Performance

Counteracting Insomnia

Can Meditation Affect Your Dreams and Personality?

Meditating When Ill

Meditation Under Catastrophic Circumstances

The Mystery of the Mantra

Effects of Specific Sounds

Traditional Uses of Mantras

The Admonition of Secrecy

Ancient Views on Revealing the Mantra

Impact of Sound on Emotions

Meditating to Increase Creativity

Creative Meditators

Improved Quality of Creative Work

Increased Productivity with Meditation

Increased Stamina with Meditation

Tips for Success in Meditating

Correct Postures for Meditating

Effects of Body Rhythms on Meditation

Value of Mini-Meditations

Special Experiences During Meditation

Suiting the Meditation Technique to the Person

Taking Vacations from Meditating


Managing Tension-Release During Meditation

Tension-Release Side-Effects

Managing Tension-Release During Meditation

Techniques for Handling Persistent Side-Effects


Meditating to Reduce Stress

Conquering Anxiety with Meditation

Reducing Phobias with Meditation

Combating Addiction with Meditation

Combating Physical Illness with Meditation


Meditation in the Workplace

NY Telephone Adopts Meditation


Problems in the Use of Meditation

Is It Possible That Some People Don’t Need Meditation?

Those Who Learn Meditation Then Quit

Why Some People Feel Guilty When They Meditate

The Misuse of Meditation


Meditation and Personal Growth

Increasing a Sense of Identity with Meditation

Improving Relationships with Meditation

Recovering Long Buried Memories during Meditation

Reducing Self Criticism With Meditation

Experiencing Oneself as "Just Being"



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