What is EFT?

What is EFT?

By Dr.

EFT/Tapping (of which EFT and TFT are widely used forms) is a powerful self-help technique that combines the principles of ancient Chinese medicine with modern psychology. The words "EFT" and “Tapping" are often used interchangeably to refer to several different tapping methods, however, because the basic technique EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is by now so well known that many people use that word as a general term for tapping interventions that make use of the Chinese system of "energy pathways" or Meridian's.

While EFT in its traditional form can only be learned from its Founder, Gary Craig or from those whom he has certified, today many leading practitioners of the tapping methods teach major variations of the original EFT technique (see discussion below with regard to training available for the EFT/tapping methods).

The Steps

EFT/tapping involves light tapping of the fingertips on selected acupressure spots on the head, upper body, and hands.  While tapping, the user simultaneously repeats certain therapeutic phrases out loud and follows a few simple instructions. Making use of the basics of this method is within the reach of virtually everyone, and refinements of the technique such as the more subtle handling of different aspects of a complex problem, can be readily learned and mastered with just a little persistence. Advanced training in these methods is also available for health practitioners (described below).



How EFT/Tapping Differs From Other Forms of Therapy

Meridian tapping differs from traditional therapies for emotional and physical problems such as psychotherapy, behavior therapy, and the like by making use of a body-mind therapy whose aim is to treat the actual cause of the condition rather than just to its external symptoms.  The causes identified by practitioners of EFT/tapping are blockages located in the mind/body's energy system. This attribute of tapping allows it to bypass many of the lengthy processes involved in other forms of therapy, making it exceptionally fast and long-lasting in its effects.


What conditions does EFT/tapping address?

This method is proving to be remarkably effective in quickly and permanently eliminating negative emotions, troubling thoughts, destructive behavior patterns and a long list of distressing psychological and physical dysfunctions (see Benefits of EFT/Tapping for research studies and detailed case reports).  


Can EFT/tapping be combined with other forms of treatment ?

One of the most highly valued attributes of this technique is its ability to be used along with standard psychological and medical treatments. Thousands of health practitioners throughout the world are now using EFT/tapping as an adjunct to their own treatment approaches and finding it of immense value in speeding up and deepening the effects of these. Frequently it is able to accomplish things that those of us in the health field could not accomplish before. In my book, Discover the Power of Meridian Tapping  I report on a huge number of verified accounts on the effects of tapping on an extremely wide variety of common conditions. It is truly a major breakthrough in healthcare.

One of the most strikingly effective combination of approaches that I have come across is to use modern forms of meditation along with EFT/tapping. These two treatment approaches often augment each other in a remarkable fashion (to find out more about this read my article 10 Ways to Combine Meditation with EFT

How To Learn EFT/Tapping

EFT Choices Method Manual, by Dr. Patricia Carrington

The meridian tapping techniques are self-administered (the person usually tap on themselves

except where a very strong emotional reaction occurs, or under emergency conditions). Tapping can be done either alone or under the supervision of a trained Meridian tapping therapist. The best way to understand how EFT/tapping works is to try it for yourself (see in Learn EFT).  You can learn the rudiments of this method very rapidly and look forward to even more extensive help for your individual  issues as you master the refinements of the technique.


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