Review: The Power of Emotions in Our Blood (DVD)

by Dr. Patricia Carrington

From time to time, I review EFT materials that I think may be of special interest to my readers.

The Power of Emotions in Our Blood by Rebecca Marina

Some time ago (at one of Gary Craig’s conferences) I was introduced to EFT Practitioner Rebecca Marina's still photographs showing her own blood viewed under a darkfield microscope (a special type of microscope used for the study of small particles such as blood cells that are not visible under ordinary lighting, see my article about this).  The photos showed her blood before and after she used EFT to treat negative emotional states.

At the time, I was unable to judge the value of these still photos.  While they suggested that this might be an interesting way to study EFT's effects –– if indeed it could be validated scientifically –– what the pictures were telling us about EFT wasn’t clear to me.  So, I soon forgot them.

However, when I saw Rebecca’s 34-minute documentary showing her latest experience with dark field microscopy and EFT, my reaction was very different.

As it happened, I was presenting some new research findings at an ACEP Annual conference, just before Rebecca spoke, and sat down to watch her film.  I was unprepared for its effect on me.  What I saw immediately suggested to me a way to create new kinds of EFT statements.  I also thought that darkfield microscopy might be an impressive way of validating EFT if it were subjected to the proper evaluation through research.

I watched with interest as Rebecca first induced genuinely negative emotions with remarkable ease and then allowed her nutritionist, Dr. Patricia Felici, to draw blood from her finger and place it under a darkfield microscope – all of this was occurring in front of my eyes, on film.

Then I noticed on the screen what had not become apparent to me in any of the still shots the year before.  I saw the red blood cells apparently change their behavior, their shape and their backgrounds as Rebecca’s emotions changed.  She was alternately creating strong negative emotions such as sadness and fear and then reversing them with EFT.  I could see for myself a difference in the way that the blood cells looked on the screen and in the way they behaved. Since I am certainly not an expert at interpreting darkfield microscope findings, all I can say is that what I saw seemed very impressive indeed.

The photos below are an example of the type of screen shot seen in the first phase of the film:

Before EFT: Red Blood Cells

Clumped Together

After EFT:  Red Blood Cells Drifting
Independently Through the Plasma


As I watched the film, I found myself thinking of showing it to others but not being certain to whom I could show it.  While it was not a controlled experiment (see my article on this topic in this issue) it was such a convincing demonstration that I knew that even those unfamiliar with EFT would pay attention to it. I was also interested in the implications of the film for the way in which we use EFT, and I was intrigued by the notion that controlled research might be undertaken using darkfield microscopy and wanted to find out more about it.

The Film Demonstrates New Ways Of Conducting EFT

Studying the documentary later from a DVD, which I took home from the conference, I realized that this film might have distinct value for readers of this newsletter who want to expand their use of EFT, and I began to write about this  Quite apart from its scientific standing (see my article in this issue on this subject) here are some of the benefits the film may have for EFT’ers.

It Has a Therapeutic Effect

Throughout the film the viewer cannot help but be affected by the intense moods created by Rebecca’s highly emotional EFT sessions. This can be very beneficial in itself. For some people the film may turn out to have distinct healing properties because of this.  I recommend it as an experience with a therapeutic value of its own.

It Suggests New Possibilities For EFT

The film shows us a new way to use EFT –– this is by inducing powerful negative emotions for the purpose of releasing them, and creating powerful positive emotions to counteract the negative ones.  The way Rebecca effects these changes goes well beyond the simple release of the negative through ordinary tapping and saying of the reminder phrase in EFT, however.  The way she accomplished this intentional induction of strong emotional states intrigued me so much, in fact, that when I got home I transcribed the entire sound track of the DVD and studied it carefully to identify how she did this.  I then wrote a description of her emotion-induction strategy and the lessons we can derive from it and put it into an EFT Special Report (described later in this article).

It Provides New Wordings for the Choices Method

In studying the transcript of the film, I realized that in it Rebecca had made use of the Choices Method in a new way.  She gives much credit to the “Choices” method and it has undoubtedly influenced her greatly, and she adds to it an interesting way.  Some of these innovations could turn out to be very useful for many people. I discuss them in in my report.

It Provides a New Variation Of One Of Gary’s Strategies

Rebecca follows Gary Craig’s advice to use strong emphasis (shouting if necessary) when repeating the EFT reminder phrases, if we are having difficulty achieving results.  It's instructive to see just how Rebecca does this.  She releases negative emotions not only by raising her voice and shouting, but through the emotion-packed vocalizations of her reminder phrases.  She also “installs” positive emotions in an unusually intensified manner.  This can serve as a lesson to those who might be a bit "timid" in their approach to EFT.

The Film Can Also be Used to Introduce EFT to Newcomers Provided We Observe Certain Precautions

Precautions are necessary because the methodology upon which the film is based, (live blood cell analysis used for showing the effect of emotions on the blood) is not a scientifically validated procedure.  Just as hair analysis and other diagnostic procedures used in many alternative medical practices are unacceptable to the medical establishment, so darkfield microscopy when used to interpret a person's mental or emotional state, will cause suspicion in many health care professionals.  For this reason the film cannot be presented as “proof” that EFT works.

That doesn’t mean though that we can’t show this interesting film to others in order to introduce them to EFT.  Here are some of the reasons why it may be useful for that purpose:

The Documentary Strongly Suggests That Emotions Have a Dramatic Impact On Our Body and Health.

It cannot be lightly dismissed.  Those watching it know that “something” is going on that is important.  Even though we can’t tell them exactly what that “something” means from a scientific standpoint, it is apparent to the viewer that varying emotional states seem to have a strong impact on blood viewed under a darkfield microscope.  This alone may be sufficient to induce many people to pay attention to EFT who might have dismissed it otherwise.

How to Present the Film Safely

When you've watched the film you may well want to show it to others.  If you do this, however, you must present it in the proper way.  It is essential that you tell your viewer or audience of viewers that you are NOT presenting scientific evidence but rather showing them some intriguing findings in the forefront of research which are yet to be substantiated scientifically – much as a program on public television might tell them about what to expect in science. The film can be correctly introduced as, “Here is what the future may prove”,  or “Here is what we may expect when science takes another step”.

One thing that you must avoid is to show the film in the hope of convincing hardcore skeptics of the value of EFT by doing so.  Truly prejudiced people can rarely ever be influenced away from their convictions, and they can become threatened and even vindictive if you attempt to show them what they do not want to see –– another reason for a cautious introduction to the film for any audience you don't know personally.

Because I feel it is so important to present this potentially influential film in the right manner, I have prepared a Disclaimer to go with it that can be used with an overhead projector, and I recommend that you show this or a similar disclaimer on the screen before starting the film.  It states what I have just said above in clear, friendly terms that are unambiguous and will protect you from inadvertently misleading your audience.  I recommend that you show such a statement every time that you show the documentary and for this reason have included it as a Word file that you can print out in my Special Report. 

The Film May Have Special Interest For Those With Spiritual Inclinations

This documentary can be shown to people with a spiritual perspective — possibly church groups, meditation groups, and others – to support and expand their own perspective, which is that calling upon divine energy has a powerful impact upon us.  One of the interesting spots in the film is where Rebecca, using EFT, calls upon “Divine Source Energy” to enter her being.  The results of this on her blood as subsequently viewed under the microscope, seem to be more impressive than for any of the other emotional states depicted.

Again, such groups should be informed that “this is the kind of evidence we may be seeing in the future.” rather than told that this is “proof” of the power of divinity. You should make it clear that this film is encouragingly positive, but not a scientific finding.  Using the film this way, it could create interest in EFT in spiritually aware people who might otherwise dismiss EFT as of no relevance to them

How to Obtain The Special Report

The step-by-step conclusions and practical recommendations that came to my mind as I studied the



(Includes Special EFT Report)

transcript of the film were too detailed to publish in this newsletter. I will be using a different way of disseminating them.  My EFT Special Report will be available free of charge to anyone who purchases Rebecca's documentary from my website.  I am selling Rebecca's DVD at the same price she does ($19.95 U.S.) along with my EFT Special Report with each purchase as a special bonus.


I can highly recommend Rebecca’s film to anyone who wants to enhance their use of EFT, and to anyone who wants to become familiar with the concept of darkfield microscopy as it may be used in the future and to answer the questions of others about this film as word gets around.  I also recommend the DVD as useful to show to others providing that you clearly inform your viewers that this is not scientific “proof” but a very promising possibility for future research.

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