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Review: The Power of Emotions in Our Blood (DVD)

by Dr. Patricia Carrington

From time to time, I review EFT materials that I think may be of special interest to my readers.

Some time ago (at one of Gary Craig’s conferences) I was introduced to EFT Practitioner Rebecca Marina's still photographs showing her own blood viewed under a darkfield microscope (a special type of microscope used for the study of small particles such as blood cells that are not visible under ordinary lighting, see my article about this).  The photos showed her blood before and after she used EFT to treat negative emotional states.

At the time, I was unable to judge the value of these still photos.  While they suggested that this might be an interesting way to study EFT's effects –– if indeed it could be validated scientifically –– what the pictures were telling us about EFT wasn’t clear to me.  So, I soon forgot them.


EFT and Live Blood Under the Microscope

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

Research is a mixture of important safeguards and crushing restraints.  I know this first hand because for many years I have conducted research in the psychophysiology of dreams, modern forms of meditation, and more recently the field of energy psychology, and published numerous papers in these areas.  I find scientific research a task that is difficult, tedious, and endlessly fascinating, just as unraveling any other mystery (acting as a sort of "Sherlock Holmes") can be intriguing.

For this reason, when I first heard of the new technology "darkfield microscopy," I immediately asked myself the question, "Can it be used for research?”

Today I will give you some of my tentative answers to this question, but first, what is darkfield microscopy?