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Tap-Along with Tappy Songs for Children – DVD/CD Album

Tap Along with Tappy Instruction and Songs DVD/CD

A first of its kind for children, this Album introduces EFT to the child in a heartwarming and playful way. Created by EFT Master, Dr. Patricia Carrington, it gives you a unique opportunity to share the EFT Tapping process with your child and get them started using EFT with excitement and enthusiasm right away.

This Album contains a DVD, a CD, and a full Instruction booklet, that together skillfully:

· Introduces the child to EFT and its concepts

· Explain the process in a fun way.

· Shows the Tapping points to the child with the help of a loveable stuffed bear “role model” named Tappy

· Uses songs and lyrics to get the child to Tap along.

· Provides adults with helpful resources and instructions on using the album for children.


Create Harmonious Relationships

Product by Dr.

(Formerly entitled "Emotional Erasing for the Challenges of Close Relationships" #41)

In this provocative 90-minute training session, Dr. Carrington exposes you to some representative crises occurring in close relationships and helps you "immunize" yourself against similar problems that could occur in your own life.

You will learn the powerful Emotional Erasing technique during this session and then put it to use at home to change the emotional climate of your everyday life. This can represent liberation for you, your family and others close to you.



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Finding the Love You Want – by Stefan Gonick

There are many other programs that might help you understand the nature of your blocks to finding love. Understanding your blocks is a good first step, but what you really want to do is remove those blocks.

In this breakthrough program, from Stephan Gonick,  you will break out of the bad relationship blues and remove your internal obstacles to love so that you can find the partner of your dreams!

You will learn why you can be strongly attracted to the wrong people and use EFT  to break out of this unhappy pattern so that you will be attracted to the right people

Discover your fears, blocks and limiting beliefs around finding healthy love and release them quickly with EFT

Master the Law of Attraction to magnetize love into your life much sooner!


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Immunize Yourself Against Major Conflict

Immunize Yourself Against Major Conflict using EFT

EFT can be used with great success right on the spot – even during a difficult challenge -  to deflect the power of a verbal assault or of your own negative thoughts and allow you to ‘step back’ comfortably, even as the confrontation continues outside of you or in your head.

There is a way to be trained to do this through simulated practice. In this training session you learn a new way of using EFT to immunize yourself so you no longer experience the negative effects of events in your life.  This training session is different from any that Dr. Carrington has previously given because of the “real life” simulations that are used and the new ‘EFT Immunization’ process.

During this class, you will learn to triumph over circumstances and bring ease to your day whenever you need it.


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