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Learn to Meditate Kit – Clinincally Standardized Meditation

Recipient of the National Health Association Award for the Best Corporate Stress Management Program of the Year, the Learn to Meditate Kit represents the simplest, safest, and most authoritative form of in-home- meditation instruction presently available for the general public.

Stress management expert Dr. Patricia Carrington is your teacher and her voice provides a blend of authority, genuineness and warmth, which makes learning her “CSM” meditation method a unique and powerful experience.

This easy-to-follow instruction kit contains downloads of the 8 audios used in the companywide CSM meditation program of  New York Telephone Company, plus the Learn to Meditate Manual (PDF). Using this method you can master meditation within a week and feel its powerful effects at once.

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Learn to Meditate Kit 






How many times during your day can you lie down in a quiet place with your eyes closed? It's good when you are learning to relax – as a first step — but not for everyday of relaxation.

This is the premise under which my How to Relax audio was developed, after Random House contacted me some years ago to produce an audio on relataxation as part of a self-improvement audio series they were launching.

The How to Relax audio differs from most other relaxation trainings in that it does not teach you how to relax while sitting or lying down, but while you are in action. It shows exactly how to relax unessential muscle groups while retaining tension in those muscles used especially for a particular activity. This is what a skilled athlete does, or an animal loping along at high speed. The result is an unusually useful training that can benefit us all. (See all the details…)


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EFT Choices Manual


The Choices Training Manual teaches you the widely accepted Choices Method to create breakthroughs in your life (or that of others) that were previously impossible using only basic EFT. The Choices Method introduces POSITIVE thoughts, ideas, and concepts into EFT that you would not find there before…..and by doing so opens up a host of new possibilities for your life.

In this vital manual you will learn:

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Relieve Worry and Anxiety Now – (3 90-Minute Audios)

(Formerly titled "Eliminating Persistant Anxiety")

To eliminate persistent worry and replace it with intelligent concern is very desirable for your peace of mind and health, and can greatly increase your personal effectiveness, especially in these stressful times.  This goal can be accomplished readily if we apply EFT/Tapping to the problem in a way that Dr. Carrington finds to be extremely effective for herself, her clients, and many others. These 90 minute audios focus on how to rid ourselves of the “worry-thinking” that hampers our lives, and replace it with calm and effective planning. As you listen, you will experience a burden of worry far heavier than you may have realized being lifted from your shoulders. (Read description of individual audios…)



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Immunize Yourself Against Major Conflict

Immunize Yourself Against Major Conflict using EFT

EFT can be used with great success right on the spot – even during a difficult challenge -  to deflect the power of a verbal assault or of your own negative thoughts and allow you to ‘step back’ comfortably, even as the confrontation continues outside of you or in your head.

There is a way to be trained to do this through simulated practice. In this training session you learn a new way of using EFT to immunize yourself so you no longer experience the negative effects of events in your life.  This training session is different from any that Dr. Carrington has previously given because of the “real life” simulations that are used and the new ‘EFT Immunization’ process.

During this class, you will learn to triumph over circumstances and bring ease to your day whenever you need it.



Express Healing Gratitude for Yourself (2 Audios)

Express Healing Gratitude for Yourself

Product by Dr. Patricia Carrington (#4)

One of the most liberating and uplifting experiences is to give a multitude of “thank-you's” from yourself to yourself!  

This audio brings you a new, often amazing way of appreciating your own self. Going beyond the somewhat vague statement, "I deeply and completely accept myself" (regularly used in EFT) it allows you to experience concrete, undeniable, reality-based thanks to yourself as you become aware of and  grateful for the myriad ways you are presently serving yourself this very day.

You will experience self-love in an entirely new way as you rebuild your self-esteem in a myriad small ways that add up to a substantial change in your feelings about yourself. This audio can be a delight as you partake of its positive energy!


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