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Shed the Burden of Continuous Worry

Audio and E-Book: by Patricia Carrington Ph.D.

(Previously Entitled ("Erasing the Habit of Worrying" #13)

Now you can eliminate persistent worry that may be hampering your life and replace it with intelligent concern and highly effective planning by using the Shed the Burden of Continuous Worry quick-training package.

 It includes:


Relieve Worry and Anxiety Now – (3 90-Minute Audios)

Relieve Worry and Anxiety Now - 3 Audios(Formerly titled "Eliminating Persistant Anxiety")

To eliminate persistent worry and replace it with intelligent concern is very desirable for your peace of mind and health, and can greatly increase your personal effectiveness, especially in these stressful times.  This goal can be accomplished readily if we apply EFT/Tapping to the problem in a way that Dr. Carrington finds to be extremely effective for herself, her clients, and many others. These 90 minute audios focus on how to rid ourselves of the “worry-thinking” that hampers our lives, and replace it with calm and effective planning. As you listen, you will experience a burden of worry far heavier than you may have realized being lifted from your shoulders. (Read description of individual audios…)

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When Single Parenting Worries Keep You Awake (Article)

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

Some time ago, a single mother wrote me. She said, “I can go to bed and be extremely tired, but I lay there, and my brain does not shut down, and I cannot get to sleep for hours.  I have been this way most of my life, but especially the last 12 years as a single parent.  Now with a 16 year old boy and a 19 year old daughter, I find I lay there playing back things said, or things thought about, or the possibilities of what could or could not happen.  Meanwhile, I am not getting the sleep I need and therefore am not much help to my children because I am often exhausted.  Is there a way I can use EFT to shut down my thinking patterns at night?”