How an Amazing New Treatment Works to Clear Allergies

Do you know about Energy Psychology expert, Sandi Radomski, and her astonishing work?

She will be familiar to you if you listened to any of the exciting interviews I conducted with her in the past. These have been among the most popular telecasts I have ever presented and were always followed by hoards of enthusiastic testimonials about how listeners had benefitted from using her suggestions, and often how they had used to great advantage her application of low-intensity "Safe Lasers" to clear energy blocks.


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Relieve Worry and Anxiety Now – (3 90-Minute Audios)

(Formerly titled "Eliminating Persistant Anxiety")

To eliminate persistent worry and replace it with intelligent concern is very desirable for your peace of mind and health, and can greatly increase your personal effectiveness, especially in these stressful times.  This goal can be accomplished readily if we apply EFT/Tapping to the problem in a way that Dr. Carrington finds to be extremely effective for herself, her clients, and many others. These 90 minute audios focus on how to rid ourselves of the “worry-thinking” that hampers our lives, and replace it with calm and effective planning. As you listen, you will experience a burden of worry far heavier than you may have realized being lifted from your shoulders. (Read description of individual audios…)



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Teleseminar #40 Clearing Financial Fears with Emotional Erasing

If you worry about your finances in the hope of finding an answer to challenges around money, you soon discover that this doesn’t lead to productive action or inner peace – this teleseminar could produce an amazing turnaround for you. 

In this powerful training event, you will learn a new EFT process, Emotional Erasing, which allows you to counter the destructive effects of negative and alarming self-talk (something we all experience during stressful times), at the exact moment  you are experiencing such negative thoughts.

With this new process, you can stay calm and confident even when facing severe financial challenges and handle them great effectiveness.  When your energy around finances dramatically switches, it is then highly likely that you will attract much more favorable outer circumstances.

I invite you to join me as I unveil, and lead you through, this amazing, healing process!




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How to Break Free of Procrastination – (1 Audio)

How to Break Free of Procrastination

Product by Dr. Patricia Carrington (#42)

Do the following words sound familiar to you?


The tendency to procrastinate can become a compulsion to procrastinate when you feel you MUST do it even at those times when you know it's not in your best interest. A huge number of people have little or no control over whether or not they procrastinate. The tendency to do that just takes over and dictates their behavior.

If procrastination is a FREQUENT RESPONSE of yours to many tasks then this training session is for you. 

In this workshop, you will learn to use EFT in a new way to "immunize" yourself against the influence of negative experiences and inner self-talk that can drive you to postpone actions it would be better if you were able to do easily and without emotional resistance. Dr. Carrington uses her powerful Emotional Erasing Technique to help you release this all too common behavior by "tapping-in" a positive approach that frees you to realize the power you have in your own life, but probably don't realize.

If breaking the procrastination barrier is what you would like to do, this special training session is bound to  create some important changes in your life.


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Discover Powerful Inner Resources – (3 Audios)

Discover Powerful Inner Resources with EFT

(Formerly titled "Discovering Your Hidden Resources")

Through these three EFT training sessons, you will learn how to tap into inner resources that you may never have known could exist!

Essentially, you will discover that you can unleash a wealth of inner coping skills, creativeness and much more with this inspirational EFT  tapping series. During these sessions, I lead you in tapping sequences for specific issues, as examples of how you can apply EFT to reveal and use your own hidden inner resources. (Read description of individual audios…)


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How to Be in Sync with Your Body – (3 Audios)

How to Be in Sync with Your Body - 3 Audios by Dr. Patricia Carrington

(Formerly titled "Harmonizing Your Natural Rythms")

Did you know that becoming more in sync with your body can provide a wide array of health benefits?

By tuning in into your natural bodily rhythms, you can resolve sleep problems, discover increased vitality and energy and detect potential illness and disease.

In this training series, Dr. Carrington will teach you how to use EFT/Tapping to sleep easily and comfortably, to exercise the fundamental human Rest-Activity cycle, and to detect early subtle messages from your body that can improve your health and well being. (Read description of individual audios..)


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Creating Major Change in Your Life – (3 Audios)

Creating Major Change in Your Life

Have you ever considered that you may be harboring hidden fears that could be preventing you from allowing new and wonderful things that are just waiting to flow into your life?

Would you like to become free to move swiftly and confidently into entirely new endeavors?

What is it like to maintain a vibration inhabited only by those who actually do have a great deal of money?

In this training series, Dr. Carrington teaches you how to effectively use EFT/Tapping to create major desired changes in your life. (Read description of individual audios..)



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Tapping for a New Awareness – (3 Audios)

(Formerly titled "Raising Your Vibrational Level")

In this training series, you will discover a revolutionary way of using EFT/Tapping to change your perception of time in order to expand your sense of the amount of time available to you.

You will also learn the tapping "snapshot" method; a simple but powerful approach to facilitating the Law of Attraction to make your life more fulfilling.

And, last, but not least, you will discover how to experience self-love in an entirely new way as you rebuild your self-esteem in a myriad of small ways that add up. (Read description of individual audios…)


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Stepping Into the New – (Audio)

Stepping Into the New - Audio Recording Product by Dr. Patricia Carrington

Product by Dr. Patricia Carrington

(Formerly Clearing Your Fears of Newness Using EFT #39)

Is there something you would like to do but you think you just can't do it? Change your job? Learn a new language? Ask someone for a date? Take a crafting class?

In this training session, Dr. Carrington addresses the “Newness Fear;” a common problem that stops people from making very constructive moves in their lives just because they have not done a particular thing before (or failed at it in the past).

During this 90 minute class, Dr. Carrington teaches a powerful new EFT-based technique known as “Emotional Erasing” to rapidly counteract the damaging impact of negative self-statements – those critical thoughts that so often express derision and self-doubt. This surprisingly effective new approach sets you free to move ahead with constructive projects and important next steps in your life.

Don't be afraid anymore!



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