How an Amazing New Treatment Works to Clear Allergies

Do you know about Energy Psychology expert, Sandi Radomski, and her astonishing work?

She will be familiar to you if you listened to any of the exciting interviews I conducted with her in the past. These have been among the most popular telecasts I have ever presented and were always followed by hoards of enthusiastic testimonials about how listeners had benefitted from using her suggestions, and often how they had used to great advantage her application of low-intensity "Safe Lasers" to clear energy blocks.


Sandra Radomski, ND, L.C.S.W

If you don't yet know about Sandi's work, you are in for a treat…

Sandi specializes in clearing allergies and other common conditions through alternative means and is also a pioneer in the use of portable low intensity lasers (the completely safe kind for the general public). She has helped thousands of people improve their lives and health in a short time by using the simple principles that she teaches, all of which you can practice in your own home.

Her work is fascinating and in case you didn't have a chance to listen to my previous popular interview with her you have a chance to do so NOW…


 (it's over 60 minutes and packed with information!)



As a result of this interview there was an unprecedented demand for Sandi's training materials that included a laser in the training package.

There is now a limited supply of these lasers available in the U.S. They won't last long but while they do Sandi is making it possible for those of you who have not yet had a chance to sample her remarkable healing strategy, to take advantage of this energy psychology/laser based training in your own home.


For the NEXT 5 DAYS you will have an unprecedented opportunity to acquire this leading edge health support at an exceptionally low price.


But… before you think about buying…

Wouldn't you first like to have a glimpse of this laser method at work with real people in real situations?

By clicking on the link below you can view a free information-packed video in which Sandi demonstrates with her clients the use of a low intensity laser for several common health problems. It will give you a chance to see just how the laser technique works.


To view this definitive demonstration…



For more information and to PURCHASE…
Sandi's brand new training kit -
including special laser -



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