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Clearing the Traumas of Everyday Life

Clearing Traumas of Everyday Life Audio with Dr. Pat CarringtonPat gives this special Tapping Class to deal with everyday traumas – those extremely upsetting occurrences that happen in the course of everyday life.

Have you ever been caught in a traffic jam on the way to a crucial interview and realized you could do nothing to prevent losing the interview? Were you ever unable to make payment on a large bill when you knew that nonpayment would have serious consequences? Did you ever receive an unexpected medical diagnosis that threw everything out of perspective for you? These are everyday traumas.

As you tap along with Pat, this 180 minute training session will show you how you can handle these in an entirely new and comforting way using EFT.



Operation Emotional Freedom – by Carol Look

Operation Emotional Freedom - by Carol LookFilm director Eric Huurre dramatically documents the progress of war veterans as they shed their symptoms of PTSD during a five day retreat where they were offered multiple EFT sessions conducted by EFT experts, Gary Craig, Carol Look, Sophia Cayer, Lindsay Kenny and Ingrid Dinter. Persistent EFT helped these veterans and family members move through their traumas and debilitating symptoms so they could reclaim their lives. A must-see for anyone who loves EFT or who has someone in emotional pain whom they want to convince to try it.

What Pat Says about this film

This documentary film ably depicts the highly effective treatment of war veterans using EFT. It has just been chosen from amongst hundreds of contenders to be one of the 30 significant films for veterans to be shown at the Veterans Film Festival in Washington DC in May, a distinction that reflects the importance of this film.

Documentary DVD $19.95



PTSD & Trauma: Treating Post Traumatic Stress


This documentary film represents a landmark in the field of mental health and in addition to its importance for the acceptance of EFT by health care professionals, it has a great deal to offer nonprofessionals as a self-help tool.




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