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Patricia Carrington during counseling with a client

Dr. Carrington (left) talks with a client (right) who has just overcome a lifelong fear of snakes.


“To me energy therapy is a meeting of people on an unusual and profound level, whether it is conducted in person, over the telephone, at a workshop, or anywhere else.

The meeting may be short — but it is always a contact-at-the-core. Therapy is a special space that both of us, or perhaps many of us, enter into together. From it comes an experience that is far more than the technique used to elicit it, the method followed, formal credentials, or in fact, anything else.

In my professional contacts with prospective clients, students, or supervises, I select people to work with on the basis of several questions I pose to myself as the person describes their goals — Is this person open to change on a level that may be deeper than any they have experienced before? Are they really ready for it? And — is it in their best interests to work with me, or might another therapist (teacher, supervisor etc.) be of more help to them?

Using the remarkable ability of energy psychology to effect rapid and profound change, together we often achieve a dramatic reduction of symptoms and this is of the greatest importance, but it is not my major goal when doing therapy, or when teaching others about it. I work with people because I respect and love people and just naturally want to help them. From my point of view, every contact with a client is a healing experience for both the client and myself, an exploration of our human connectedness, as is every contact with a student or colleague. I am therefore not very technical in approach because I see life as too important for a lot of formalities, and people as too real for that. I approach my task hoping I will be of some help in improving our lives on this earth -that is it.”


Patricia Carrington, Ph.D.


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