“The releasing technique is one of the most powerful self-help techniques available for conquering stress and increasing personal effectiveness…"


Dr. , Ph.D.
Former Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Piscataway, New Jersey




The Releasing method was created by engineer and self-development expert, Lester Levenson.  It is an amazingly simple strategy that can reduce the hectic over-push of modern life almost instantly,

The advanced version of Releasing that I have developed  is an important addition to the  original method of Releasing and I am excited to be able to bring it to a wider public.


What does Releasing do for us?


The Releasing technique helps us solve the age-old problem of needing to control the truly uncontrollable in life – a dilemma caused by our Over-Push and Over-Striving that can undermine and sometimes ruin our lives, drag down our careers, harm our relationships or damage our health.

The Releasing Technique is taught in person by the Sedona Method Organization founded by the late Lester Levenson. Since I have great respect for their work, I have extended it with careful attention to their original teaching by adding a number of powerful trouble-shooting tactics and giving compelling illustrative anecdotes from my own clinical practice. The result has been extraordinary.

Here are the reactions of some leading professionals to my advanced Releasing  methods:

"I consider the book "Releasing" a great contribution to the field of human helpfulness…"

The late NORMAN VINCENT PEALE, author of "The Power of Positive Thinking," one of the best selling self-help books of all time. 

"After our swim team learned "Releasing", many members experienced an increased sense of security and showed improved skill and coping ability with their competitive challenges."

- JANE BROWN, Princeton University Women's Swimming Coach

I'm urging all my patients to read this book. The Releasing method works quickly, easily, and with striking effectiveness to minimize all types of stress. I am delighted Dr. Carrington has brought it to us."

- ALFRED J. CANTOR, M.D., President Emeritus, Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine

"I find this a superb tool for a large number of women's, as well as men's, issues."

 - MICHELLE HARRISON, M.D., author of Self-Help For Premenstrual Syndrome

"An excellent concept, well spelled out by Dr. Carrington. . . Has great potential for many readers."

 -  RAY H. ROSENMAN, M.D. Senior Research Physician, Stanford Research Institute, author of "Type A Behavior and Your Heart"


And here is what's happening now…

I have released the original Releasing technique in the form of a 286 page Downloadable e-Book and 4 audios so that many more people can now benefit from this amazing technique.




When first published, the title of this book was just one word, “Releasing”, but the updated version is Releasing With Pat. It presents the basics of Levenson’s  method in a new, simplified, and extremely easy-to-follow format.

This book actually takes you beyond the elegant basic structure of the Releasing technique to present a wealth of new troubleshooting tactics, many innovative ways to extend the uses of Releasing, and a wealth of real-life stories of people who have used it to clear problems they have experienced in couples relationships, in parent-child interactions, in job interviews, in competitive sports, in sexual encounters, and when confronting the seemingly insurmountable challenges of pain, illness, and death.


What you will learn from the 4-Part Releasing Audios

In the Releasing With Pat Audios, Dr. Carrington leads you step by step through this method as you work hand in hand with her. It’s as though you were both in the same room. 


Do you need both the book and audios?

Most people find it more valuable to use both. The audios alone teach you to Release and use the “unlocking” tactics when you are experiencing difficulty. The book alone teaches you the basics of Releasing and the reasoning behind it, as well as how to enhance it with extensive advanced features, and also gives you numerous examples of Releasing in practice.


The combination of these two approaches gives you a method so powerful that it becomes a deep and compelling part of your life.

So, how can you get this combination?

We recommend that you get started using Releasing as soon as possible and explore the method firsthand over a period of several weeks. You will not believe the results until you experience them – giving you a mastery of your life you have never felt before!


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