EFT tapping / Meridian tapping can help many physical ailments and conditions, including pain, symptoms of illness, memory loss, allergies and more.

Recharge Your Memory with EFT Package

(Audio formerly entitled, Tapping to Improve Your Memory #8)

In this empowering EFT training for your mind you will learn how to:

"Tap-in" (install) new memories more effectively.

Use EFT to make unusually strong associations between any new piece of information and old familiar bits of information – a powerful memorizing aid.

"Tap-in" (install) positive Choices Phrases to create a new and more positive attitude toward memory recall.

Use EFT to help your memory to periodically restore its strength.


Using EFT to Treat Sensitivities – by Sandra Radomski

Using EFT to Treat Sensitivities - by Sandi Radomski


Sandi Radomski's classic DVD Allergy Antidotes – EFT Treatment of Allergies – is an excellent introduction to the fundamental techniques for you to use to help yourself, your friends and family with troublesome allergic reactions. This DVD features Sandi Radomski's 2 hour presentation and demonstration of EFT for treating allergies, made at Gary Craig's 2003 EFT conference in Flagstaff, AZ.


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A Vibrational Approach to Healing Pain and Illness – by Carol Look

A Vibrational Approach to Healing Pain and Illness - by Carol LookBy Carol Look

Carol combines cutting edge information from the field of vibrational medicine and advanced applications of EFT throughout these 3 DVDs from her Denver workshop, “A Vibrational Approach to Healing Pain and Illness.” Tap along as Carol works with audience members on issues of pain, illness and complicated diagnoses and watch as she unravels the links between past emotional conflicts and current physical limitations.


4 hours of advanced EFT with EFT Master Carol Look:

    • Clearing Ancestral Pain
    • The “DOWNSIDE” of Getting Well Again
    • Releasing Conflicts Stored in Your Body
    • PLUS Special 90 minute “Bonus DVD” with trauma specialist, Dr. Robert Scaer, author of “Your Body Bears the Burden.”


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How to Be in Sync with Your Body – (3 Audios)

How to Be in Sync with Your Body - 3 Audios by Dr. Patricia Carrington

(Formerly titled "Harmonizing Your Natural Rythms")

Did you know that becoming more in sync with your body can provide a wide array of health benefits?

By tuning in into your natural bodily rhythms, you can resolve sleep problems, discover increased vitality and energy and detect potential illness and disease.

In this training series, Dr. Carrington will teach you how to use EFT/Tapping to sleep easily and comfortably, to exercise the fundamental human Rest-Activity cycle, and to detect early subtle messages from your body that can improve your health and well being. (Read description of individual audios..)


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