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Healing the Cycle of Addiction – from EFT4Powerpoint

EFT Masters and addiction specialists Dr. Carol Look, David Rourke, Sue Beer and Loretta Sparks, EFT Masters skillfully address addictive behaviors in depth and share a variety of useful suggestions and tips you can use professionally, or personally.

Addictive behavior can be very challenging to address! There is a high drop out rate and very low follow-through rate with people with a wide variety of addictive behaviors. This series of DVDs shows you how to use EFT much more efficiently with addicted persons and thereby increase client satisfaction. These skillful Presentations and Demonstrations are helpful at all EFT levels. Using them you can:


Quit Smoking Now with Energy Therapy – by Carol Look

This training manual teaches mental health counselors as well as lay people how to apply EFT to their endeavor to quit smoking. Whether you are afraid of withdrawal symptoms, relapsing, or feeling lonely without your cigarettes, try this new energy therapy method to cut the cravings and neutralize the emotions that drive your smoking habit.

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