CSM Professional Pak

Product by Dr. Patricia Carrington

Due to high demand, this product is temporarily out of stock. To be notified when this product becomes available, please contact

The CSM Professional Pak for Clinicians is designed for professionals who wish to teach meditation or who wish to carry out research using meditation. The pack includes all of the basic CSM training components needed to learn the method:

Download PDF of Dr. Carrington's classic Book of Meditation giving background information, research, and advice on the modern forms of meditation.

The authoritative Learn to Meditate Kit instructional materials (Downloadable audios and instruction manual)

The essential CSM Supervisor's Kit (available as 3 CDs or audio downloads along with PDFs of the instruction manuals.)

While these components may be purchased separately, everything you need is conveniently bundled into one invaluable professional CSM combination pack.



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