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The EFT 1% Solution: Applying it to the Act of Forgiveness


Andy Hunt, author of the book, "Getting Out Of Your Own Way – Finding and Releasing Unconscious Blocks with EFT," is an EFT & NLP Trainer and Practitioner living in the North East of England. Andy's EFT method of the 1% solution applies to actions we want to change and it can work brilliantly for that purpose. My use of a 1% solution, as taught in my book, Releasing with Pat, applies to emotions and attitudes that we want to change. Both these applications of the 1% principal can be extremely helpful. In both instances we are speaking about using “gradualness“ when approaching change.


Using EFT to Change a Basic Perception of Life

By Dr.

I find that even very experienced EFT'ers often fail to use EFT to change the basic ways they view life.  This is probably because most of us have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees.  We can recognize the details of our lives and we know how we respond to them, but we can be quite unaware of the underlying assumptions about life and people that are actually running our lives.


Supercharge Your “To Do” List

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

An exciting new use I have discovered for EFT is its application to a "To Do" list.

Why do we need help with a "To Do" list in the first place? The reason is that while "To Do" lists are very useful, they have a quality of "forcing" about them, which can easily cause resistance in all of us. No one likes to be forced to do anything, even by our own selves, and if you will pick up a "To Do" list that you have made and look at it, you will notice something very interesting when you think about putting it into effect.


EFT for Couple’s Therapy (Article)

By Dr.

There are some EFT and therapy sessions that leave me feeling, "This is how it should be.  It’s why I’m in this work."  A recent EFT session with a couple had this effect on me.


Use EFT for the Fairness Myth

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

Probably no issue is given more attention during an argument than that of who is "right" and who is "wrong".

If we start to use EFT when we are caught in the "fairness -rightness – wrongness" trap, the issue may be so important in our mind that cooperation with the tapping process can be seriously blocked. The conviction that a "wrong" must be "righted," with justice obtained at all costs, can wipe out all other thoughts.


How to Use EFT to Change Negative Attitudes

By Dr.

EFT is a powerful instrument.  It can even be used to effect a radical change in the way you approach life.

However, as we all know, it is not easy to change the way we react to certain aspects of life, because to us our attitudes seem to be carved in stone; unchangeable.  I have found, however, that we can alter even fundamental views by using Personal Resource States in EFT.  I have written extensively about the power of these inner resources that we all have within our memory banks, in my EFT Choices Manual, but I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important they are if we want to effect a basic change in our life.


Using EFT to Create Desirable Behaviors (Article)

By Dr.

In addition to its use for handling specific problems (by far its most common use) EFT can be extremely effective in helping you rid yourself of repetitive behaviors that don’t serve you well and replacing them with new behaviors that you’d love to have.


Use EFT To Tap In Your Successes Of The Day – (Article)

By Dr.

Of course EFT can be effective for targeting specific problems.  We all know that and many of us use it very well for that purpose.

But what about changing fundamental personality traits such as your lifelong attitudes about your own self that can undermine your functioning? Can EFT affect these continuing problems?


Secrets of Tapping for Self-Worth (Free Download)

Our sense of self worth is elusive, hidden from us much of the time. What creates it? What is presently blocking it from becoming much stronger? In this 90 minute teleseminar, I lead you in tapping to create a new and powerful sense of self worth. Here you will tackle the hidden self-condemnations that lurk in the back of your mind while at the same time enhancing your sense of being a truly worthwhile person.


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