Dr. Patricia Carrington shares how she has successfully used EFT for self-esteem and confidence issues with clients.

Handling Childhood Experiences that Hinder Confidence

There are a number of experiences in childhood that can create fears about presenting new ideas to others.  Here are some of them:

School Experiences

Unfortunately we learn some “lessons” that are better not learned at school, along with all the essential knowledge that this institution imparts.  One of these can be a deep insecurity about presenting new and different ideas to others.


Improve Your Self-Esteem by Tapping the Positive (Article)

By Dr.

Many of us have known for some time that we can use EFT to increase self esteem by tracing the myriad beliefs that may be corroding that self-esteem and tapping to reduce or eliminate them.

This can be helpful, but were we to try to neutralize every negative belief that most of us hold about ourselves, that would be a lifetime's work.


How to Use EFT to Change Negative Attitudes

By Dr.

EFT is a powerful instrument.  It can even be used to effect a radical change in the way you approach life.

However, as we all know, it is not easy to change the way we react to certain aspects of life, because to us our attitudes seem to be carved in stone; unchangeable.  I have found, however, that we can alter even fundamental views by using Personal Resource States in EFT.  I have written extensively about the power of these inner resources that we all have within our memory banks, in my EFT Choices Manual, but I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important they are if we want to effect a basic change in our life.


Use EFT To Tap In Your Successes Of The Day – (Article)

By Dr.

Of course EFT can be effective for targeting specific problems.  We all know that and many of us use it very well for that purpose.

But what about changing fundamental personality traits such as your lifelong attitudes about your own self that can undermine your functioning? Can EFT affect these continuing problems?


Secrets of Tapping for Self-Worth (Free Download)

Our sense of self worth is elusive, hidden from us much of the time. What creates it? What is presently blocking it from becoming much stronger? In this 90 minute teleseminar, I lead you in tapping to create a new and powerful sense of self worth. Here you will tackle the hidden self-condemnations that lurk in the back of your mind while at the same time enhancing your sense of being a truly worthwhile person.


 Dr. 's "2-part audio, Tapping for Self-Worth" Tapping Class

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Increasing Self-Acceptance through EFT (Article)

By Dr.

As we all know, self esteem is a major issue in many problems. It is often so central that the default self acceptance phrase used in EFT (“I deeply and completely accept myself”) or its equivalents, do great service in helping people overcome this core issue. Since I advocate using a “Choices” affirmation in place of this phrase for many issues (See the Choices Manual). I want to make it clear that I almost invariably use the standard self acceptance phrase where issues of self esteem, self blame, guilt etc. are clearly at stake. Because of the value of this phrase and of the concept behind it, I would like to offer a few suggestions on ways that we can, when that is necessary, perhaps make it even more valuable.


How to use EFT for Self-Kindness (Article)

By Dr.

One of the things I love to do is read what others are writing about EFT — or listen to audios or see videos where others present new ideas on how to use EFT. I often then build on these ideas to create new EFT choices statements or Tap Alongs using them. It’s like hunting for buried treasure and finding it!

One of my favorite teleseminars that I have created is called



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