Review: The Secret of Intentional Wealth

by Dr. Patricia Carrington

"In 'The Secrets of Intentional Wealth' CD, EFT practitioner and success coach Margaret Lynch brings us a personal development course that is unquestionably among the best self-help materials I have ever encountered.

In order that you will know why this is so, let me share with you my personal experience when taking the course. I came to review it as part of my work in preparing this site and I thought that the course might bring me an opportunity for my own personal growth — that it might be coming to me at the right time. I had no idea what a powerful impact it would actually have.

I diligently followed every step of the course by filling out the workbook exercises, reading Margaret's written material, and listening to her audios on transforming our relationship with money.

The audios were eye-opening. As a constant "people helper", I had the same distorted belief that so many of us in the helping professions possess. . I felt that unquestionably I needed to give to others in a way that involved sacrificing my own needs in order to feel great. I thought that to be "me" I had to choose between the alternatives of giving and receiving, and that these were not in fact both part of the same process, which of course they are.

I knew in my mind that this belief was false and I was even able to teach this to others with deep conviction, but I had some powerful limiting beliefs operating beneath the surface of my conscious mind. These were ruling me. They prevented me from stepping into my true power as helper-receiver – all in one person, all in harmony.

The course made major changes in this deeply hampering

Secret of Intentional Wealth - by Margaret LynchThe Secret of Intentional Wealth

belief, especially in those aspects of it that relate to money. Working with these step-by-step learning materials I have been able to change many of my most important limiting beliefs around money. The course first let me to experience the negative clearing effects of EFT — and then allowed me to address each issue by "tapping in" an inspirational, powerfully positive viewpoint. This process was referred to as a “Power Reframe”.


I have always believed in “tapping in” the positive. Now I was on the receiving end of this process, being expertly led to create new ways of experiencing the true balance between giving and receiving.

I am calling your attention to The Secrets of Intentional Wealth on this website  so 

that you can partake of its healing nature immediately if you wish. If the course is right for you, then it is very likely to change the amount of true abundance that you will receive into your life."

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