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EFT Choices Combination Manual & Action Audios

EFT Choices Manual and Action AudiosThis package includes Pat Carrington's highly acclaimed Choices Training Manual, which teaches you the widely accepted Choices Method to create life-changing breakthroughs (or for others) that were previously impossible using only basic EFT. As well as, her Choices in Action audios, where you join Dr. Carrington in a live telephone session with a client as she demonstrates applying the Choices Method, while utilizing Personal Resource states, to an issue of self-esteem.



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Overcome Self-Blame Using EFT

Overcome Self Blame Audio TrainingProduct by Dr. Patricia Carrington

(Formerly entitled "A New Way to Overcome Self Blame Using EFT #38)

This audio training class uses an exciting approach to EFT that works to allow one’s inner “EFT Voice” to overpower the inner voice of Self Blame, right while you are blaming yourself –– on-the-spot.  It can be dramatically effective in turning around your mood and outlook.

You can replay the audio training session as often as you want to train yourself to counter the harsh inner critic within yourself and become far more effective.

The e-Book, "I Made a Mistake: An EFT Tap-Along Using the Choices Method" addresses a universal problem – the tendency we all have to attack ourselves if we momentarily fail to live up to the standards of behavior we have been taught.

Actually, there is nobody I know of in civilized society today who is not burdened by this kind of irrational self blame at times – and for many this is the case much of the time.

And, under the heading of “self blame” there is no type of blame more frequent than when a person perceives that they have made a MISTAKE. 

Blaming yourself for your mistakes is the topic of my brand new e-book and is also addressed by portions of my important audio on this subject.

What I have created is a broad-based, multi-component tapping approach which can nip this unfortunate tendency in the bud, time after time if necessary.



















Express Healing Gratitude for Yourself (2 Audios)

Recorded teleseminar by Dr. Patricia Carrington (#4)

One of the most liberating and uplifting experiences is to give a multitude of “thank-you's” from yourself to yourself!  

This audio brings you a new, often amazing way of appreciating your own self. Going beyond the somewhat vague statement, "I deeply and completely accept myself" (regularly used in EFT) it allows you to experience concrete, undeniable, reality-based thanks to yourself as you become aware of and  grateful for the myriad ways you are presently serving yourself this very day.

You will experience self-love in an entirely new way as you rebuild your self-esteem in a myriad small ways that add up to a substantial change in your feelings about yourself. This audio can be a delight as you partake of its positive energy!



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Conquer Beliefs That Don’t Serve You (Audio)

Conquer Beliefs That Don't Serve You

(Formerly entitled "Discover Your Unrecognized Negative Beliefs" #33)

How can you discover what your  non-conscious beliefs are so that you can begin eliminating those that do not serve you? Which way of applying EFT/Tapping is the most effective for this purpose?  How can you eradicate your unwanted beliefs permanently?  Many of our most influential beliefs are unrecognized unless we do what Dr. Carrington calls, "detective work," to find out what they are.  When we have discovered them, we need to tap systematically to replace them with appropriate positive beliefs and Choices. This audio shows you step by step how to do this.




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