How Many EFT Sessions are Needed to Clear an Issue?

EFT expert, Gene Monterastelli, asks and answers this important question.

How long does someone need to work with EFT on their problem before they can have a reasonable expectation of being “done” with the process? Obviously the answer to this is not an easy one, and “one size” does not fit all.  I think you’ll be interested to see the many possibilities that can present themselves with regard to the length that an EFT treatment needs to take to be effective.  I find this an excellent discussion and direct you to listen to Gene’s podcast on this subject.

EFT Master, Gene Monterastelli

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Gene Monterastelli is an EFT practitioner in Baltimore, MD, and author of numerous articles on EFT that appear in this newsletter and regularly on his website Contact him.


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Meditation Articles

Dr. Patricia Carrington's award winning meditation technique CSM (Clinically Standardized Meditation) is a clinically sensitive meditation method developed by the Medical Department of New York Telephone Company and used by numerous medical institutions, organizations, and individuals worldwide. For information click here.

The articles below have been excerpted from ‘The Book of Meditation’ by Patricia Carrington, Ph.D.


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Taking Vacations from Meditating


Managing Tension-Release During Meditation

Tension-Release Side-Effects

Managing Tension-Release During Meditation

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Experiencing Oneself as "Just Being"



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Using EFT with Addictions and Compulsions – Articles

While EFT is somewhat less often reported being used for addictions and compulsions than it is for other conditions, in the proper hands, EFT has been used to combat some major addictions with considerable success, usually over a period of time however, these conditions require persistence.


The proper use of EFT for addictions and compulsions depends on several important factors.  When you read the case reports below you will notice that in almost all instances the addicted person was not self administering EFT, the technique was being used under the guidance of a therapist or counselor. 


Quit Smoking Now with Energy Therapy – by Carol Look

This training manual teaches mental health counselors as well as lay people how to apply EFT to their endeavor to quit smoking. Whether you are afraid of withdrawal symptoms, relapsing, or feeling lonely without your cigarettes, try this new energy therapy method to cut the cravings and neutralize the emotions that drive your smoking habit.

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