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While EFT is somewhat less often reported being used for addictions and compulsions than it is for other conditions, in the proper hands, EFT has been used to combat some major addictions with considerable success, usually over a period of time however, these conditions require persistence.


The proper use of EFT for addictions and compulsions depends on several important factors.  When you read the case reports below you will notice that in almost all instances the addicted person was not self administering EFT, the technique was being used under the guidance of a therapist or counselor. 

This is in contrast to many of the other conditions reported on this site where you will find numerous accounts of people who have applied EFT on their own with great success.  Because addictive behavior is especially complex the person caught in it usually needs support and guidance from outside of themselves to deal with it. 


This means that if you want to try EFT for an addictive problem or for a serious compulsion, you should consider working with an experienced EFT practitioner who is specially trained in using EFT for these particular conditions.  You can download free of charge my e-Book, A Guide to Finding an EFT Therapist to help you locate a practitioner who is qualified to treat your condition.  I highly recommend that you read it.


EFT’s long-term successes in the area of addictions are due to its ability to address the true cause of most addictions… namely… the need to "tranquilize" the anxiety caused by one's underlying anger, fear, guilt, trauma, etc.  Until these issues are dissipated, the addictive behavior will remain.  EFT is clearly designed to collapse these underlying emotional issues (that is what it does best) and so, properly applied, the need to tranquilize disappears.


Note that the list below does not include eating disorders and weight loss issues; these are treated separately on this site under another general heading.  Weight loss often lends itself to self-treatment with EFT, a topic which will be discussed under that category.


In this list the specific conditions for which EFT has been applied are presented in alphabetical order.


Binge Drinking Ceases

EFT is used to address painful emotional trauma to help one man stop binge drinking alcohol, by Carol Maker.


Cocaine Addiction Immediately Eliminated

Remarkably, EFT stops a cocaine addition in only one session, by Aileen Nobles.


Detox Relief from Pain Killers, Headaches and Alcohol

EFT provides relief from pain killer withdrawal symptoms, a migraine headache and a hang-over from binge drinking, by Loretta Sparks, MFT.


EFT for a "Disturbing" Addiction

One man’s shameful pornography addiction is helped by using EFT and being persistent, by Michael White.


EFT Reframing for a Coke & Pepsi Addiction

Cravings for Coke & Pepsi dissolve when a woman reframes her thoughts and words while using EFT, by Leslie Ross.


Heroin Addiction Unravels

A woman’s addiction to heroin is clearly diminishing after continued use of EFT, by Aileen Nobles.


Nail Biting Obsession

With one round of EFT, a woman’s life-long obsession with biting her fingernails is completely eradicated, by Philip Davis.


Using EFT for Caffeine Addiction

An addiction to caffeine is subsiding for this woman as EFT is applied both in therapy and through self application, by Carol Look.

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