Subtle Messages from Your Body 

Using EFT as a Translator Between Two Parts of Ourselves

Over the years people have advised me to ‘listen to my body" as though it contained ultimate wisdom about me, but this supposedly great advice was often discouragingly unclear to me.

What I eventually learned is that the body speaks in its own mysterious language that is not easy to decipher because our minds speak an entirely different language. 

Most of the time – our body talks to us in an indirect fashion, and more often than not it just doesn't get its messages across to us very well. Nor do we very often get our message across to it because we can easily become impatient, controlling, and insensitive to physical needs that we don't understand.

One of the amazing attributes of EFT is that it is both a body-based intervention and at the same time makes use of mental elements such as the EFT statements and affirmations.  Because of this…


EFT can become a go-between, a translator, between two realms of ourselves


…enabling a great healing power.

Many people have pointed out that the body cries out for our attention when it is producing severe pain and distress. I totally agree with this, but it is only part of the picture. There are also many subtle communications from the body, which, if heeded at an early stage, before matters become critical, can be of immense value to all of us. 

In my unusual training audio, "Subtle Messages from Your Body,” I lead you in tapping exercises designed to change your responses to your body's messages. As a result, you will learn…

How to listen to and understand your body's messages and answer them in a new way







The results you will get from learning this technique can be dramatic for both your health and happiness.  

In addition, my E-book, "Your Body's Messages about Life," works together with the audio, but is on a different wavelength, addressing another way that the body “talks” to us and lends its wisdom. 


The body can actually speak to us about our deepest feelings, the essence of what life is…


When we put these fundamental messages about life together with the health messages and the practical advice from the body, as presented in the audio, this deeper “body wisdom” can be an important daily guide for you. 

If you are open to the messages in the e-Book, as I am, it can resonate deeply with you.

For that reason, I am introducing this new e-Book along with my updated audio on the practical messages of the body, as a single package…



Complete Package:

Audio, E-Book & Transcript


 Audio & E-book Only


Transcript PDF Only




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