How can I know if it’s really EFT that’s helping me?

QUESTIONI’m wondering if the good results I’m seeing in my life, since I’ve commenced using EFT, really come from using EFT.  I can think of other explanations for them — maybe the method just distracted me from my problems, or maybe all the years of therapy I had for those problems finally paid off, all at once.  How can I know?

ANSWER:  There’s no way you can know for certain that EFT has brought about any particular change, but this same thing can be said of any effective form of therapy and even of certain medicines.  It’s often hard to trace what really causes a given result.  That’s why controlled research is so important — that is research in which one group of people are exposed to a condition such as EFT and another group to a completely different treatment or to none at all, and the results compared.  By carefully varying the types of treatment that are given in this way, we can begin to see what works and what doesn’t work for specific problems. Some important research has been done and more is now underway demonstrating that EFT does, in fact, have the effect of greatly reducing many fears. These results are statistically significant so there is almost no possibility they could be due to chance alone.

EFT Master, Dr. Patricia Carrington

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