Learning how to harmonize your daily activities with the powerful Rest Activity cycle can bring about extremely beneficial changes to your life.


Although most people have never even heard of it, knowledge of how to use the Rest-Activity Cycle in a proper way can improve your functioning and well-being.


The History:

In the 1950’s Dr. Nathaniel Kleitman, a physiologist from the University of Chicago, discovered that in nature relatively short periods of rest regularly alternate with periods of activity in all animals and human beings. These occur in a regular and predictable manner, and are present throughout both night and day. All living mammals operate under the laws of this Rest-Activity cycle and it is of major importance to their health and ability to function. 


This rhythm holds the key to our success in many areas, and when we honor it, exciting changes can occur.


The secret behind the effects of the Rest Activity cycle

Our society tends to force us to override our natural Rest Activity cycles and operate instead much like a machine which can go for very long periods of time without any rest or recovery periods.  For this reason it is not always easy to allow yourself to get in synch with this rhythm.  However, the payoff is tremendous when you do. 



What can knowledge of the Rest-Activity cycle do for you?

After conducting several formal research studies investigating this phenomenon, I have used this research as the basis for my new audio / e-book combination, which utilizes EFT Tapping to help you harmonize your life with these powerful rhythms.  This positive use of the Rest Activity cycle can be a potential breakthrough in your physical and mental health.


In this 75 minute audio and its accompanying e-book, Pat Carrington shows you exactly how to install some very new and beneficial daily habits, so you can reap the healing benefits of your own unique bodily rhythms



This combination teaching package has never been presented to the general public before.  



Complete Package:

Audio, E-Book & Transcript


 Audio & E-book Only


Transcript PDF Only





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