Can EFT be used to achieve positive goals as well as solve problems?


QUESTIONYou speak about the kinds of problems that EFT can deal with.  What about positive goals that a person might, for instance improvement in some kind of performance?

ANSWER:  Gary Craig points out that as any accomplished athlete will tell you, mental set is critical to performance.  He says this about EFT’s use for athletics, for example:

“The difference between good days and bad days for the athlete is almost always due to emotional causes.  Of course, sickness or injury can take their toll, but to a remarkable extent the athlete always brings the same highly skilled, highly trained body into the field of battle.  The only thing that changes regularly, and it does do so, is the effect that emotions have on the body.

Since in athletics timing is everything, and even the slightest tension in the muscles affects timing, and hitting a baseball or tennis ball or golf ball requires perfect timing, if one is off by just an eighth of an inch it can be the difference between hitting a home run and flying out, or hitting a killer serve or one that hits the net, or making or missing a put in golf. 

This is the reason why sports psychologists are in such great demand.  It is well known that any negative emotion, even the mildest one, and even one that the person is not totally conscious of, or not conscious of at all, can be absolutely critical to a person’s performance.

EFT provides a remarkably effective solution to this problem.  Since its purpose is to neutralize negative emotions and their effects, one of the most common responses to it is that people feel a relaxation of tension in their muscles, in fact, in their whole bodies.  For the athlete this neutralizes the tensing of the muscle groups that are not necessary for the activity at hand, and leaves the rest of their athletic ability and their musculature intact and able to perform at peak levels.  It allows their potential for excellence to flow through their body without being hindered by any resistance in the muscles. The results can often be dramatic.”

EFT Master, Dr. Patricia Carrington


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