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Have you ever felt badly about yourself on any given day, dissatisfied with yourself with no identifiable reason?

You have no idea why you feel down on yourself – you just do? 

You feel uncomfortable with an indescribable awkwardness and become angry at yourself for being that way and maybe even take your anger out on those around you?


People often put themselves down whenever they aren’t meeting their own expectations of themselves. This attitude is typically acquired from parents or siblings, schools or other authorities. Such self-critical thinking can become absorbed so thoroughly that it develops into a second nature and awkwardness of any kind feels disgraceful and is perceived as shameful or something to conceal.


Reactive behavior from these perceptions may cause you to be frequently mislabeled as having a "perfectionistic" personality, when that isn't what it really is at all. While this kind of reaction most likely started in your life long before you even knew what the word "perfection" meant, it created within you an unpleasant sense of self-blame that lingered within you throughout the years.


So, what can you do about this?

Take a journey with me, while I lead you through some powerful tapping exercises that will enable you to loosen the grip of the relentless need to be without mistakes.


Being a victim of self-critical thinking during my own life at times, I thoughtfully prepared this training and practiced the exercises, myself. While doing so, remnants of my own negative childhood training emerged, clearly.  But as I repeated my own phrases, I felt a burden lift from me. It felt as though I could breathe more fully, move more easily, and be my own self.


I believe that you, too, can benefit from these exercises in the same way. This transforming process of retraining our self-critical attitudes is so easy and natural that you will feel free to move swiftly and confidently toward your goals, whatever they are. Your success will no longer be dampened by the need to appear 'flawless' in your own eyes. You will experience the freedom this brings almost instantly.




In the e-book that accompanies my audio, I provide you with some powerful Tap-Alongs to reinforce its teaching and make these principles a permanent part of your life. I believe you will be amazed by its effect!

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