Dissolving the Myths of Aging


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Dr. Pat Carrington has finally decided to share with you her wisdom of close to 90 years of successful living, and lead you in EFT Tapping to change your own attitudes about getting older so that they will become deeply positive.

Listen to Pat tell you about an amazing society where “growing older” was very different from what most of us know today.  “Wisdom” actually defined “age” for these people!  Later (in the program itself) she leads you in tapping exercises that can radically change your entire experience of growing older… 



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Dissolving the Myths of Aging with Dr. Patricia Carrington

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Beginning in mid-June, we will charge at least $37 for this new 2 audio-2 e-Book combination, a modest enough amount given the exceptional quality of  the program.
This week until midnight on June 5, 2014 , you can buy this program for exactly half its future price – for you NOW it is just $17.50 for the entire set. 
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