Use EFT to Borrow Powerful Inner Resources from Others & Animals



One of the most striking traits of human beings is their capacity to adopt new behaviors and attitudes through imitating others –whether they are copying from their own species or another.

A powerful "imitating" ability is born into all of us. It is the basis of all our culture and has made possible what we call civilization.

What you may not realize …

You can use EFT to switch what you thought were unalterable characteristics of yours, to exactly those you desire to have, by using this ability in a new way.

Suppose you could…

… experience the confidence, strength and wisdom of those people you most admire in life?

Or that you could..

… adopt an outstanding characteristic of the most powerful animal you know of?

Or, suppose you could acquire some important ability possessed by an historical figure you admire?

Or be like your most cherished early childhood relative or friend ?

This may seem impossible, BUT …

There is a way you can do this.

Ever since I began teaching people how to use EFT in order to borrow Power Resources from their own past or from other people or animals they admire, I have been able to bring enormous relief to hundreds, probably thousands of people who thought they were locked into a particular way of being.  They thought they were trapped into remaining who they thought they were.

How does this work?

In my new mini-course I show you an incredibly liberating means of acquiring the characteristics of others which I call "borrowing Power Resources".

This method is now being used by many people and therapists around the world to create a kind of change we could not bring about easily before, if at all. I will be teaching this method in my newly revised audio recording with a just completed downloadable Workbook that takes you through the process of borrowing almost any resource you want from any person or animal you choose, and make it your own, permanently.

How can you learn this skill?





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IMPORTANT. This audio was recorded after Pat had taught her teleseminar on finding coping resources within ourselves that we don't know we have. You do not need to have listened to this earlier teleseminar in order to benefit from the very different subject matter of the present one. However, the ability to use hidden personal resources within oneself is a very valuable tool that can be learned by listening to her audio entitled “Discovering Power Resource States in Your Own Self”. If you want to own that audio as well go to


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