Will EFT prevent me from having insights into my problems?

QUESTIONI’m the kind of person who likes to understand why my problems arose in the first place.  I just can’t tap on problems and have them leave without first having this kind of understanding.  How does EFT address this important need?

ANSWER:  Actually, during EFT a shift in your understanding of your problem will often occur simultaneously with the relief you feel from tapping on that problem.  I have seen people experience remarkable insights after only one or two rounds of tapping.  This doesn’t happen to everybody of course, but not everyone is either prone to having insights or even interested in having them.  But the fact is that many people experience a remarkable shift in perspective during EFT, and talking about that shift, when it happens, can then be extremely valuable. 

There is no contradiction, as I see it, between EFT and conventional therapy which uses talking about problems and understanding them as its basis.  EFT actually augments psychotherapy when it is used with it.  Not only does it speed it up, but it can greatly deepen it, allowing a person to become so at ease with their problems that they can face portions of them which were previously too painful to look at.  As a psychologist who was trained in conventional forms of therapy using talk and understanding, I find that the EFT process assists the kind of understanding that we all seek.   

You will often notice that what happens when you use EFT is that your response to your problem soon changes remarkably.  If you have gone down to a 0 or near 0 on the Intensity Scale, your understanding of your problem will often be shifting right along with the relief you feel, and you will get an “ah-hah” experience that is extremely valuable. 

EFT Master, Dr. Patricia Carrington

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