The Vibration of Abundance – By Carol Look

By Carol Look

Enjoy attracting abundance by listening and tapping along with this newly released set of audio CDs — 13 hours of audio materials (6 CDs covering Law of Attraction and EFT exercises and 6 CDs with “live” sessions) to help you identify and release all the remaining emotional barriers to creating an abundant life in the new year! Enjoy moving from a vibration of scarcity to prosperity consciousness by raising your vibration of abundance.

This 12 CD series covers:

EFT and the Law of Attraction

The Downside of Success

Safety, Identity, and Deserving Issues

• Procrastination
• Guilt and Shame
• Raising Your Vibration
• “I Deserve To Be Punished For Failing”
• “I Feel Trapped and Angry”
• “I Can’t Have It All and Stay Balanced”
• “I’m Being Taken Advantage of Again”
• “Men Are Babies”
• “I’m Afraid to Put Myself Out There”


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