EFT works so rapidly, how can it be effective?

QUESTIONEFT works so rapidly that it sometimes makes me feel almost uneasy.  How can you get really good results that quickly for something that has been around for most of a person’s life?

ANSWER:  One of the best responses I have heard to this question is given by Gary Craig in the manual for his extensive basic training series in EFT.  He writes as follow: 

“EFT offers rapid relief from numerous emotional and physical ailments without meriting the negative label of a ‘Quick fix’.  This is obvious to any observer of the case histories (of EFT), and is even more obvious to those students who have experienced the results first hand.  I (Gary Craig) use the term ‘rapid relief’ instead of ‘Quick fix’ to put across the same idea, but without the negative conation. 

Now here’s an important point to note.  Throughout history healing techniques of various kinds have usually been slow and inefficient until someone finds the true remedy for the ailment.  When the true remedy is found, everything changes and the old methods become relics of the past. 

Polio was a case in point.  Until the Salk vaccine was discovered, Poliomyelitis was considered incurable and all manners of medications and therapies (including the Iron Lung) were employed to help the sufferers.   They didn’t do much, of course.  They helped ease some of the discomfort and limited some of the long-term damage caused by the disease, but that was about it.

And then along came the Salk vaccine.  It did away with all the antiquated, inefficient attempts at curing Polio, and replaced them with a true remedy.  It was, indeed, a ‘Quick fix’ without the negative conation. The eradication of Polio is only one example where inefficient methods give way to true remedies.  Penicillin, for instance, has been another miracle drug that has provided instant cures for illnesses ranging from respiratory diseases to gonorrhea. 

The examples go on and on, of course, but the point is that Dr. Callahan’s discoveries, upon which EFT is based, are replacing all the inefficient techniques used in behalf of emotional health.”

Gary Craig refers here to Dr. Roger Callahan, the discoverer of the power of the EFT tapping points to change behavior and emotional reactions in people.  For details of this discovery see “The History of EFT.”

EFT Master, Dr. Patricia Carrington

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