Does EFT sometimes fail?

QUESTIONIn those cases where EFT seems not to be working, what reason, other than hidden Aspects, can be an explanation for this?

ANSWER:  EFT will not work if a person is affected by an allergy like reactions, which is referred to as the effect of “energy toxins”.  This is a new branch of health science which no doubt will become much better known in the future.  In effect, for some people, things they eat, drink, breathe or come in contact with become “irritants” to their energy systems.  They are thrown off balance because of these.  These irritants or “energy toxins” serve to interfere with the balancing effects of EFT.  As long as they are present, EFT (or most any other type of healing) will be handicapped.

Different energy toxins affect different people in different ways, and there is no standard list that everyone must avoid.  Some people are affected by tobacco, while peaches or hand lotion affects others.  An excellent handbook for handling these allergy-like reactions and their surprising consequences in everyday life has been written by an expert in this field, Sandi Radomski, who employs EFT among other techniques, to deal with these energy toxins.  Her work is extremely useful for anyone wishing to apply EFT to allergy like reactions, and often an eye opener.

Learn more about Sandi Radomski’s method of handling these allergy like reactions, or "Allergy Antidotes."


EFT Master, Dr. Patricia Carrington

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