Does EFT have lasting effects?

Does EFT have lasting effects?

QUESTIONDo the effects of EFT last or are they just around for a while and then wear off as most suggestion techniques do?

ANSWER:  Again let me quote Gary Craig on this question.  He writes as follows. 

“EFT’s results are usually permanent.

The case histories (seen in Gary Craig’s course and those reported by many others) are filled with reports of people who have had lasting results…even though the problem was relieved in moments.  This is still more evidence that EFT is addressing the true cause of the problem.  Otherwise, the remedy would not be so long lasting.

Please remember, however, that EFT doesn’t do everything for everyone.  Some problems seem to reappear and that is usually caused by different ASPECTS of the original problem showing up at a later time.  The experienced student of EFT will recognize this and simply reapply the method to this new aspect.  In time, after all aspects have been addressed, the problem usually goes away completely and does not return.  Sometimes the cause of reappearing problems is due to ‘various physical causes’ such a ‘energy toxins’, a phenomena discussed elsewhere.”

EFT Master, Dr. Patricia Carrington


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