How to use EFT to get beyond “I’m right and you’re wrong” – by Andy Hunt

Andy Hunt is an EFT & NLP Trainer and Practitioner living in the North East of England. He works with people who give themselves a hard time and get in their own way. He is the author of the book Getting Out Of Your Own Way – Finding and Releasing Unconscious Blocks with EFT. You can visit him online at:


Andy Hunt EFT & NLP Practitioner and Trainer

When I was a teenager I always wanted to be right and for everyone to know that I was right.

I would argue my point of view ‘seven ways till Sunday’ to prove that I was right and even if it didn’t start as an argument it frequently became one.

Now when I look back on it I see an anxious teenager desperate to be taken seriously. Back then, I put a lot of effort into what must have been very tiresome for everyone I was attempting to prove ‘wrong’.


When You Can’t Say, “I Love and Accept Myself”

Do the classic EFT Setup Phrases work well for you? If your answer is "sometimes" or "no" you'll be happy to know there is a solution.

Today, we will take a look at the familiar EFT Setup Phrases, “I deeply and completely accept myself,” and “I love and accept myself” with a new perspective.

As many of you may know, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) was originally taught by Gary Craig. Prior to that, TFT (Thought Field Therapy) was taught by Roger Callahan (from which Gary adapted his own EFT method). During both these trainings, these experts instructed us to tap on an issue in this manner:

Before we started tapping on the issue we would first tap on the Karate Chop Spot or rub the Sore Spot on the chest and simultaneously say aloud, “Even though I have this (here we would insert our own issue), I deeply and completely accept myself, or I love and accept myself.” 

EFT Master, Gene Monterastelli

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Gene Monterastelli is an EFT practitioner in Baltimore, MD, and author of numerous articles on EFT that appear in this newsletter and regularly on his website Contact him.

While this can be a powerful affirmation for some, unfortunately, it has proven not to be suitable for all people, or all occasions.

EFT expert Gene Monterastelli has some inspiring comments on this issue, as you can hear above.



Tapping Into Our Shadow – by Andy Hunt

Andy Hunt is an EFT & NLP Trainer and Practitioner living in the North East of England. He works with people who give themselves a hard time and get in their own way. He is the author of the book Getting Out Of Your Own Way – Finding and Releasing Unconscious Blocks with EFT. You can visit him online at


Most people get into EFT/Tapping as a way of tackling the problems or difficulties in their lives. They use the process as a remedial tool to overcome emotional challenges.


That's a great idea, and it’s why I started to use EFT on a regular basis. In the early years I had a lot of stuff to work with, no shortage of tap-able issues.



When a Prisoner Won’t Disclose the Issue

By Rehana Webster

Gary Craig’s Introduction

EFT Contributing Editor Steve Wells from Australia has been in contact with Rehana Webster, an expert in applying EFT in the New Zealand prison system.

As you might appreciate, prisoners often feel such pain, guilt, fear, etc. about their issues that they don’t want to discuss them with anyone.  Accordingly, they can be very close mouthed about their problems.  So how do you apply EFT if the client won’t even tell you what the problem is?


Method of Marketing Your Practice Gets Surprising Results – By Margaret Lynch

In my first article for this newsletter, I introduced a different way to market your meridian tapping practice by using the concept of Success Coaching click here for article. In it I gave an example of marketing yourself as a "Success Coach" at what is called a "BNI" meeting. 


My EFT-Promoting Strategy Begins – by Margaret Lynch

Let me introduce myself.  I am a Success Coach.  Do you know what that means?  My guess is that you don’t, which is why it this title carries a striking marketing advantage to those who qualify for adopting it.  One of these might well be you!


Tapping on Being Able to Say “No” – by Gene Monterastelli

Sometimes the hardest word to say is "no".  We want to be helpful.  We want to give. We don't want to be selfish.  We want to be asked again in the future.  There are so many reasons to say "yes".  What are the reasons to say "no"?


How Tapping Can Affect Medical Implants

by Gene Monterastelli

[Gene's Note: I am not a medical doctor. I am not qualified to provide medical advice or diagnosis. This article is provided for informational purposes only. Please consult with your primary care physician before making any changes to your health regimen.]

I have found that there are two ways we can improve the effectiveness of a medical implant, whether it be a lens implant in cataract surgery, the replacement of a limb, a pace maker, or any other form of surgical implant — by using Meridian Tapping.

One is by working with the implant directly, the other is by working with the energy created by the implant.


When Using Tapping Do We Need to Heal the Past to Move Into the Future?


By Pamela Bruner

A question that I often receive from my Meridian Tapping clients is 'Do I need to go back into the past in order to move forward?' Then they go on to say, often, that they don't want to look at the past, they just want to move ahead.

As a coach, I have a great deal of sympathy for this position. Coaching, as opposed to therapy, is supposed to deal with the present and the future, and not with the past. But the answer to the question 'Do I need to deal with the past?' is more complex than that.


Things That Can Happen After A Tapping Session

by Gene Monterastelli

I have found meridian tapping (of which EFT is an important form) to be a very powerful tool. I have used it to clean up a number of deep emotional issues, but have noticed a number of unusual sensations after doing a session.


Tapping for Back to School Fears – by Patsy Anthony

by Patsy Anthony, Third and Fourth Grade Teacher

It's time to go back to school… 

Those words can elicit a variety of emotions among children. 

Unfortunately, not all of those emotions are positive.

What better time to introduce meridian tapping to your children than right now, during their first few weeks of school?


Tap Along Phrases for Sadness – by Gene Monterastelli

Sadness can be one of the most difficult emotions to use when doing meridian tapping.  It really doesn't do it justice to tap on the phrase, "I feel sad."…


Get Insights While or After Tapping – By Gene Monterastelli

(Here is a slightly abbreviated version of the article "Tapping To The Lessons I Learned While Tapping" by Gene Monterastelli, reprinted from his website with his kind permission. I (Pat Carrington) have added a few comments of my own within this article as they occurred to me – thanks Gene. – P.C.)


Find Your Limiting Beliefs with Just One Word – by Andy Hunt

How to Find Your Limiting Beliefs with Just One Word
by Andy Hunt

Reprinted from the Practical Wellbeing website, published on January 12th, 2012 and featured in


Give Yourself Permission to Change – by Gene Monterastelli

Why is it Particularly Effective When Doing EFT
 to Give Yourself Permission to Change?


Gene Monterastelli is an EFT practitioner in Baltimore, MD, and author of numerous articles on EFT that appear regularly on his website  He can be e-mailed directly at .


Teaching Kids to Tap (Article)

By Ann Adams

Kinney is tall for 13. He has light brown hair and a pair of sad eyes that competed for the saddest I've ever seen. He expressed immediate interest: "Can you teach me?"


"Harvey," a slender, African American nine year old in perpetual motion, was in line behind him: I want to know too.



Calming Down Teddy, an Emotionally Disturbed Boy (Article)

By Ann Adams

Teddy is one of too many children who are victims of child abuse and neglect. With an emotionally disturbed diagnosis, he spent two and a half years in our intermediate level residential treatment facility (From GC: Ann holds an administrative position with this facility.) Teddy had made a lot of progress and was scheduled to leave on Friday to a therapeutic foster home.

He had refused to go to school Monday and Tuesday and was again refusing Wednesday morning.


Handling Your Reactions to the Distress of Others – by Rick Wilkes

When others are in distress, we want to help, to be caring, to be present. Yet, other people's troubles often trigger our own issues.  If we are empathetic and sensitive, we can even find ourselves feeling another person's emotional pain very intensely. So how do we protect ourselves from being adversely affected by their distress, and much less helpful because of this?


The Evolution of EFT from TFT – By Gary Craig

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an offshoot of TFT

(Thought Field Therapy), a meridian based energy psychology technique developed by Dr. Roger Callahan in the 1980’s.

Both methods employ light tapping of the meridian end points accompanied by special verbalizations.  EFT differs from TFT in many respects.  To distinguish between these two methods we suggest you read the definitive discussion on this subject by Gary Craig, founder of EFT (see below).

By Gary Craig, Founder of EFT

Since bringing out EFT, I have been questioned often about how its comprehensive algorithm can be as good as (actually better than) the series of individual algorithms that make up TFT. How can this be? Do we, for example, just ignore Dr. Callahan's adamant statements about the individual algorithms and their theoretical validity? Do we also just ignore the much heralded presumption that the "order" of tapping the points is critical to success? Further, how can we turn our nose up at the presumed importance of muscle testing diagnosis and expect to get adequate results?


Soften and Flow: A Way to Relieve Stress – (Article/Audio)

Hello Everyone!

It is springtime here in the U.S. and time to share good things.

I like to pass on to you, with my comments and perhaps some additions or renditions, the very best innovations in EFT tapping that I come across and give you the cream of the crop, so to speak.


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