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How People Do EFT Tapping Survey Results – (Article)

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

In 2007, I conducted a survey, asking how people do EFT Tapping, which was reported in my newsletter, during the same year. Here are a portion of those results.


Touch and Breath (TAB) Method (Article)

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

Touch and Breath (TAB) Method

Touch and Breathe (TAB) is a very interesting variation of EFT (and of TFT – Thought Field Therapy) developed by psychologist, Dr. John Diepold.  It involves lightly touching and holding each comfort spot as you say your Reminder Phrase, rather than tapping on it.  It is just as effective as the standard tapping used in EFT.


Introducing the Choices Method

by Patricia Carrington, Ph.D.

Any truly effective method of treatment needs to expand its horizons as it goes along.  EFT is a remarkable stress management technique, and even more than that, it is a way of handling emotional problems that people may have had for their entire lives –– and can often do so quickly and permanently.  I have many times spoken about the way in which EFT revolutionized my own practice as a clinical psychologist, and how to this day it continues to do so.

However, a major technique such as EFT must move to the next step in its development, and it can only do this when we note its limitations and seek to correct them…


Soften and Flow: A Way to Relieve Stress – (Article/Audio)

Hello Everyone!

It is springtime here in the U.S. and time to share good things.

I like to pass on to you, with my comments and perhaps some additions or renditions, the very best innovations in EFT tapping that I come across and give you the cream of the crop, so to speak.


What is Dancing EFT? – (Article)

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

In a workshop conducted in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Dr. Sandra Radomski devised a new form of EFT. Sandi is the specialist who uses EFT with such success for allergy-like reactions — http://www.allergyantidotes.com.  At this Mexico workshop she found herself facing an audience who had succumbed to afternoon exhaustion and sat staring dimly at her or nodding off into mini-sleeps.  This was the familiar, undesirable "afternoon slump" that haunts any group leader.


EFT Tapping Styles – (Article)

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

Each of us has an individual way of tapping, when doing EFT.

Does this make a difference in the results?

We don't know the answer to this question experimentally, but a person's tapping style can be revealing and may be important in terms of the results they get.

Here are some of the familiar styles of tapping that are frequently seen in EFT.


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