My EFT-Promoting Strategy Begins – by Margaret Lynch

Let me introduce myself.  I am a Success Coach.  Do you know what that means?  My guess is that you don’t, which is why it this title carries a striking marketing advantage to those who qualify for adopting it.  One of these might well be you!

I am going to tell you in a very abbreviated fashion what it is that I have done to triple the revenue from my EFT coaching practice over a very short period of time.  But that won't exactly put you in the position of being able to accomplish what I have in an instant — this will take some understanding of the overall strategy I have adopted, the audience I have targeted, and why this method is so successful if carried out correctly.  In fact, it has put me on the map and allowed me to establish a radio show of my own on “Voice America” where I am interviewing highly successful people, many of them EFTers.

So that you won't be kept in suspense, my whirlwind strategy for building a much bigger, more lucrative EFT practice for myself has consisted of my becoming a librarian of sorts, but not your usual sort of librarian.  My library has consisted of one type of item only although I do intend to add a specially chosen book to it later. This one item is a DVD which I have lent out graciously and freely to skeptics and total non-EFTers.  It has resulted in mass conversions to EFT and to the Success Coaching I offer.

The movie is Nicolas Ortner’s documentary film known as "Try It On Everything" .I will describe its magic and exactly how I used it step by step as we get to that point in this story.

Now for the particulars of why I have chosen to identify myself as a Success Coach rather than as a plain Personal Performance Coach or some other all-too-familiar title, and what this has done for me.  This will be the first in a series of articles which will attempt to shake you up a bit from your ordinary way of viewing an EFT practice and show you how to overcome ignorance of EFT and even prejudice against it in the general public.

I will start with a story, a true one.  It’s told in the present tense as though it were happening right now for in a sense it is – this shows you an ongoing strategy of mine

Scene:  A meeting of a local business group which could have been a Chamber of Commerce meeting just as easily.

It is my turn to speak.  As I stand up and walk to the front, I look around at the room full of various business people — a realtor, a mortgage broker, a web designer, a massage therapist, a real estate attorney, an investment adviser, a banker, a chiropractor, an electrician, a professional organizer…  need I list any more?  Seated are 30 professionals waiting to hear about me and my business.  This is my chance!

"Good morning everyone"  I try to act at ease, and I did tap beforehand on “I choose to be calm and confident”. can you imagine why?

“As a success coach, my passion and my business is helping success minded people supercharge their success.”  I clear my throat.  "Now the funny thing is, I don't actually teach my clients how to be successful; I don't teach what's in the success books."  This was to be my opener — my specialty.  "I specialize in the blocks to success, the things that hold us back, that keep us stuck "

Then I give an example.  "If you all were to think about a goal you might have right now…  Maybe a business/financial goal, on maybe a health and wellness goal — whatever is important to you.  What if you could find out exactly what's been holding you back, sabotaging that goal?  What if you could find out quickly and just get rid of it?"

I look around the room and see recognition on their faces.  They know what I'm talking about.

"What if you could tap into higher levels of your own potential for creativity?  For inspiration?  For new habits?  How would your success change?  This is exactly how success coaching works."

I pause and take a deep breath. "So who do you know who is working hard, maybe reads a lot of success books, but just feels “stuck” and is READY to break through their limits for more success, more money?  That is a great referral for me!  Thank you!"

I stop there.  What famous actor was it who said, "Always stop leaving the audience wanting more”?  I think it was John Barrymore many many years ago, but it's a legendary statement and it is very sound advice.

As I take my seat I notice a good number of people are smiling and nodding at me.  After the formal meeting portion I am mobbed!  “What is a success coach?”  “How do you work with people exactly?”  “What you said was so interesting, I am that person, I feel stuck!”   Two small business owners book appointments with me and several more take my flyers for my next Law of Attraction workshop.  I am blown away by my very first business networking event as an EFT Practitioner!  And I have not even mentioned EFT!

So what is a success coach and how is it different than how some of you may be marketing yourselves?  In this first article, I will share my approach, how I got there and the upside to the approach.

I, like many of you, changed careers in my mid thirties.  My education and background in engineering had eventually led to a successful management and then sales career in corporate America.  I earned a great living, enjoyed what I could about my job and reveled in the rest of my life…my daughter, my family, hobbies.

Then Wayne Dyer came through my TV on public television and inspired me.  Long story short, my first step in changing my entire life and career was studying hypnosis.  I started my practice of helping people as a part time hypnotist but quickly found EFT and I was HOME!  Blending the two I found a powerful combination and continued to practice and refine my skills –– still part time.  Although at first it eluded me, I was eventually able to integrate what I had learned from Wayne Dyer and the Abraham-Hicks books about the Law of Attraction and the power of intention.  I was feeling something gel inside me in a big way and I know many of you can relate to this same feeling and excitement!

Then, “The Secret” came out…”OH  BOY!” I thought, “This changes everything!”  And it did!  I was so excited you would have thought I was in the movie!

Eventually I had no choice.  I had to go full time and really live my passion!  This meant really marketing ME, which presented two problems.  First, many people are “afraid” of hypnotists and will only go to them as a last resort for a painful problem.  (Yes, many people earn a successful living as hypnotists and I believe this misjudgment of society is changing).  Second, not many people know about the alternative of EFT nor do they know what an “EFT Practitioner” is. This meant not many people would seek me out for EFT.  Yes, I got some clients from my listing on, but not enough for a fulltime practice!

Plus there is another catch about the people who do find EFT and then found me.  The majority had found EFT because of a painful problem that had not been solved by multiple other “qualified” parties/approaches and were at wit’s end, ready to try anything.  This was not a problem per se, I was and am happy to help them, but these seekers are a smaller population than I needed to launch a full time practice.  We are truly a nation of the walking wounded, but not everyone stops to seek help.

So how would I market myself to access a larger base of clients?  I am not licensed in any of the helping professions so there was no access to clients that way.  Then an interesting thing happened. I got invited to visit and observe a “BNI” meeting and got my inspiration! (more about BNI specifics in an upcoming article).  A success coach!  A success coach who, by the way, happens to use powerful tools to facilitate rapid change, tools called EFT and Hypnosis. Both are still there on my business card, after THE WORDS “Success Coach” and along with “professional coaching solutions for professional people”.

A success coach is different from a hypnotist or therapist or EFT Practitioner because the average business professional can grasp the concept quickly without fear/judgment, without confusion around the details of tapping and without “I don’t need a therapist”.  They can grasp it quickly because you are speaking the language of success, of goal achievement, of making more money AND breaking through limits, the language of getting “unstuck”.

As a success coach I am obviously focused on success minded business owners and professionals.  Why are these clients wonderful?

One great thing about success minded people, especially small business owners, is that they are constantly pushing out of their comfort zones – which means they get it when you say “fears and limiting beliefs”.  They get the connection that a lack of self confidence will cost them their business.  Or that fear of public speaking is costing them clients.

Also, they are clients who otherwise would never have sought you out!  They would never have sought out an “EFT Practitioner” or a “hypnotist”; because they aren’t struggling with a problem so painful they will search out and try anything.  They have achieved a level of success and want to get to a higher one.  This is an untapped market that you have access to if you know what they want and how to speak their language.  Now the reality is we know that of course they have painful problems and we will get to them just the same as with any client.  The difference is that it is a huge “AHA” moment for these clients when they realize the roots of some of their blocks to success.  They didn’t know they had a block that big, they never imagined they had a conflict with success, with money!

And, by the way, in general these clients have the money to pay for their sessions and for workshops – not a trivial consideration.  My small business owner clients often write off our sessions as “consultant coaching” and they ALL write off the workshops!  I currently charge $110 for 1.25 hour session, allowing that sometimes they run 1.5 hours.  If it runs for 2 hours I charge $160.  I don’t discount for multiple sessions and coaching clients often come for 6+ sessions.   Again, they are not just trying to solve a problem then stop, they want coaching as they move forward.   (I tell my clients my sessions are longer because my goal is always a measurable shift in their issues even from the very first appointment.  They really like the sound of that! )

This brings me to a very special subset of these success minded people:  the Law of Attraction groupies.  Within any group of business people, you will find people who were mesmerized by “The Secret” or have studied Abraham-Hicks for 10 years and love it.  Maybe they are just like you!  Instant rapport!  They believe in self help work and healing and the importance of a balance between ordinary life and spirituality.  They have tried Reiki and acupuncture and talk therapy!   They are a perfect and incredibly primed target market for EFT work!

In addition, as success minded people, they are studying, reading the books, listening to audio, making their vision boards…they are devouring the Law of Attraction.  They are trying to use it and apply it to their lives, to their businesses, they are trying to manifest more money and a better life.  Any you know what…it’s hard!  They are frustrated!  It is not easy to apply to real life!  They want COACHING!  They need WORKSHOPS!  They really don’t know what their blocks are!  More about that in the next article on how to market yourself! And your EFT practice.

So far, this success coach approach has gotten me access to an untapped market of new clients who know nothing about EFT or what an EFT Practitioner does.  Great…and uh oh!  Somehow I now have to “build a bridge” in the first session, because they are not expecting this tapping!

No Problem for me!  I pull out the world’s most brilliant EFT and Law of Attraction Coach

marketing piece.  A professionally produced documentary film that not only shows EFT in a powerful and moving way…but also shows Jack Canfield!  And these clients know Jack Canfield, even if they haven’t seen “The Secret”.  Matter of fact, they are often actually carrying around his book, "The Success Principles".  If they have seen “The Secret”, look out, because this new film I am suggesting to them shows most of the teachers of “The Secret”.  This film shows Cheryl Richardson and she was on Oprah!  This film, is of course, called “Try It On Everything”.

And guess what all these highly credible experts are doing in the film.  In my mind, they are one step from endorsing me personally to my new clients!  They are endorsing EFT and EFT Practitioners in the most powerful way possible because my new client already BELIEVES in them.  Add to that the PhD’s and others who are highly credentialed, in the film, Gallo, Carrington, Look, Lipton…this is your own personal credibility dream team, just waiting to market you!

This is truly credibility and validation in a box!  And my new client hasn’t even watched it at this point!  I love this part!  I love amazing people with this fact “Did you know that almost all the teachers in “The Secret” use and endorse EFT?”  Wow, they had no idea!  I go on to quote from the movie, typically Jack Canfield who says something like “EFT is just the fastest technology we have right now to create change fast.”  We then move on to this “Jack Canfield/The Secret” endorsed technique.

At the end of the session, I offer my new clients a copy of the movie to watch from my lending library (20 copies) and they always take it.  Now they have experienced the power of EFT in their first session and will be blown away by the stories and results in the film in addition to the credible experts.  When they come back for their next session, their belief in EFT and positive expectation of results has tripled.  This alone is priceless!  It enhances their healing and my practice!  Often, they have already put the film in the hands of someone else they want to have watch it…someone they think can be helped!  This is great because I am very likely to get a call from another new client.

This is why I maintain 15- 20 copies in “lending library” fashion!  Sure I sell a few, but I learned that the important thing is getting this movie in the hands of people -  clients, prospects and people I want to network with.  My initial investment was $375 for the first 15 copies, which paid for itself with the very first new client.  But I continue to get a new client out of almost every lending!  Curious prospects become ready clients!  (more about how to find curious prospects in the next article).   I cannot recommend this approach enough!

I also lend them to current clients for 2 reasons.  First every current client becomes a more solid believer and more committed to using EFT after watching!  (Just like you did when you learned EFT and then watched all the training.  The more training you watched, the more your belief in EFT was built and reinforced!  REMEMBER?)  Second, many happy clients can think of many people who could use my help, but still have trouble “explaining it” to others.  By lending out the film, I have now put this perfect marketing tool in their hands to share!

This just makes perfect business sense!  The ROI (return on investment) is huge and all the work is done!  My investment is a tiny drop compared to the expense of making a marketing piece like this!  Buy 5 or 10 or 15 and try this…when you have more copies you will find yourself lending more out!  That’s where the power is…put “Try It On Everything” in their hands!  I can tell you whole heartedly, it is working for me!


Margaret Lynch, EFT Cert-1, EFT-ADV, is a Success Coach, author of the “Secret of Intentional Wealth” book series, and the host of her own radio show Stress vs Success on Voice  She was recently a featured presenter at the Tapping World Summit.  Margaret can be reached at

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