Shed the Burden of Continuous Worry Package

Product by Dr. Patricia Carrington

(Previously Entitled ("Erasing the Habit of Worrying" #13)

Now you can eliminate persistent worry that may be hampering your life and replace it with intelligent concern and empowering planning, even during these stressful times with the Shed the Burden of Continuous Worry training package.

This package includes:

Training Audio with special EFT exercises that are designed to silence your fear-based “worry thinking” in a way that I, Dr. Patricia Carrington, have found to be extremely effective for myself, my clients, and many others.

Change Worry into Wonder E-Book with “Choices” Tap-Along Exercises to transform your experience of worry.

This impactful e-book presents a full in-depth tapping session for transforming the way you handle worry and its underlying fear. It can substantially change the way you experience stressful situations in your life as Dr. Carrington shows you how to use the EFT Choices Method of tapping and the powerful "Choices Trio" to handle this problem by introducing the positive into EFT. There is no need to know the Choices Method beforehand to benefit from this presentation. This e-book can be a real eye opener for those caught in the cycle of recurring worry.

Transcript PDF of Audio Recording

Learn how you can replace despair with hope and discouragement with joy.














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