EFT for Pain Management

One of the most frequent uses of EFT is to treat pain.  Physicians, nurses, dentists and other health professionals have reported remarkable results when they have used EFT for both acute and chronic pain patients. In  addition, many individuals have applied EFT successfully on their own to reduce or eliminate severe, sometimes crippling pain in themselves or others

This does not mean that EFT always works to reduce pain, it does not work in all cases or with all individuals, and clearly it should not be used in place of medical treatment.  Because it is gentle and non-invasive, however, EFT seems well worth trying for most instances of pain and many times it works when nothing else does.

Read accounts of using EFT for pain to acquaint yourself with how it is applied for this purpose.  Please realize, however, that these accounts are only a small sample of the uses that have actually been reported for pain. Others can be found by going to eftuniverse.com.  New uses are constantly being reported.

When you read these articles you will notice that EFT is often used to address the underlying emotions that are driving the pain; something that greatly increases the effectiveness of EFT. In some cases you may also read about “proxy tapping” (surrogate tapping) with EFT, a method that has proven to be extremely effective in many instances although we do not know exactly why it works, as yet.

The articles below are listed according to the condition addressed by EFT, in alphabetical order:

Accidental Injury

A serious accident causes injury to a man with profuse bleeding that was eliminated with EFT, by By Kim Eisen.


Accidental Injury – Car Accident

EFT resolves 30 years of back pain, caused by a car accident, in an 80+ year old woman, by Ava Evans.


Accidental Injury: Muscles and ligaments (in an 84 year old woman)

Recovery of the use of a non-functional arm, with EFT, after muscles and ligaments were injured, by Allan D. Kruest Sr..


Ankle Fractured

EFT reduces pain and swelling, and speeds healing of a woman’s fractured ankle, by Lisa Topils.


Ankle Sprain

A woman experiences relief from a badly sprained ankle after applying EFT, Marianne Davidow, EFT-ADV.


Back Pain

EFT resolves a postman’s severe back pain, by Carolyn Reuben, L.Ac.


Back Pain

A man’s severe, nearly crippling, back pain is gone after EFT is applied, by Alwyn Beikoff.


Back Pain

Back pain in a 77 year-old woman is eliminated within 20 minutes of using EFT, Roseanna Ellis.


Back Strain

A competitive cyclist experiences a strained back and gains relief with one EFT session, by Sejual Shah.


Childbirth Without an Epidural

A medical assistant does surrogate EFT tapping on a woman in labor resulting in calmness and an epidural free delivery, by Heidi DeGraffrenried.


Diabetic Neuropathy w/ Constant Toe Pain

A man with diabetes and neuropathy finds relief with EFT for his constant toe pain, by Pam Hinds.


Dog Bite

A postman experiences immediate relief from dog bite pain with EFT, Carolyn Reuben, L.Ac..


Foot – Swollen

To the surprise of his elders, EFT reduces swelling and pain of an 8 year-old boy’s foot after a fall off a bed, Angela Seaman.


Genital Pains

EFT dramatically reduces pain of the scrotum, testicles and perineum of a 66 year old man, Eric Robins, MD.


Gums – Sore and Swollen

After ibuprofen failed to work, EFT relieves mouth pain and swelling of a woman’s gums, Barbara Paine.


Hornet Sting

One round of EFT tapping eliminates pain from a hornet sting, JoAnn SkyWatcher.


Knee Pain (no cartilage)

EFT totally eliminates a man’s severe pain in his knees–and one of his knees had no cartilage, by Linda Thompson.


Menstrual Cramps (PMS)

Pain, nausea and diarrhea caused by menstrual cramps in a menopausal woman are relieved with EFT, by Elly Yule.


Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome

A 15 year-old boy suffering from this painful disease finds relief for his knee pains and his emotional distress with EFT, Roseanna Ellis.



A woman scalded by a motorcycle exhaust pipe finds immediate relief after EFT is applied, Judy Whitcraft, EFT-ADV.


Sore Throat (Severe)

A mother provides full relief for her daughter’s severe pain from a sore throat with EFT tapping, by Leisa Miller.


Sore Throat (Severe)

A skeptical woman, distraught with excruciating throat pain, uses EFT for instant relief, by Jann Barry.


Tendons ─ Tearing of

After being advised to have surgery for two torn tendons in her arm, a woman is fully healed with EFT, Deborah Miller, PhD.


Thumb Pain (following accident)

A newbie to EFT instantly relieves another man’s thumb pain, to both their astonishment, John Fletcher.


Tooth Fractured

EFT stops pain from a fractured wisdom tooth and the man suspects his tooth fracture may be healed, Mihir Karia.


Trigeminal Neuralgia

A dentist successfully uses EFT on a man suffering from excruciating pain in the face and scalp, by Summer Joy.


Wisdom Tooth Pain /  Hives on Arm

A doctor uses EFT to relieve a man’s wisdom tooth pain and eliminate an itchy rash on his arm, by Dr. Fred Feldstein.

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