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If you completely dissolve your personal limitations and become the person you know you could be... what will your life be like?


WELCOME to “Mastering the Practice of EFT and Meditation”
with Dr. , Ph.D., EFT Master, pioneer in the field of energy psychology, and originator of the renowned Choices Method and the
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What if you were finally offered the right tools – – the ones that will work at last to clear your blocks to happiness, peace of mind, and abundance?

Pat CarringtonHere’s what Dr. Pat Carrington has to say about this:

My commitment in life is to help people open up to the infinite possibilities that are within their own selves. I would like to see you break through the barriers that prevent you from becoming the vital and meaningful being that you can be once you are free of your hampering inner blocks.

To do this, I have developed a number of cutting edge tools in the energy psychology field that have produced remarkable results in the past, and I am now standing by to help you become far more than you dreamed you ever could be in the same way I have helped thousands of others to achieve this goal. This website shows you how to begin to use the valuable hidden resources within yourself that you did not even know you had. It contains a huge amount of information. I hope you will find it of serious use in your search for an ever more fulfilling life

With all best wishes,

The Benefits of Using Modern Meditation with EFT

While there may be other reasons for the success I've experienced through combining EFT tapping and modern meditation, I have observed many positive patterns over the more than 25 years of experimenting with using these two techniques for my clients and groups.

Some of these "positives" include:

  • Meditation Reduces Anxiety Markedly
  • Meditation’s Energy Increase Can Assist EFT
  • Meditation Makes Previously Buried Emotions More Accessible

You can learn more about the complementing "dance" of energy between EFT and meditation  in my article, "10 Ways to Combine Meditation with EFT"

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