IMMUNIZE Yourself Against Major Conflict 

An Attacking Person Can Be Relentless!

Immunize Yourself against Major Conflict EFT Training with Dr. Pat Carrington
Would You like to immunize yourself against her or him?



Pat says: "I love this product because it takes you right through the experience of facing a verbal attack (or manipulation) from a difficult person in your life – and then it immunizes you against it with a special form of EFT tapping.

You can now glide through the attack from this difficult person until they finally give up and cease attacking because they can no longer “get at” you. This is an incredible experience…"


How exactly how does this system work?

If a person confronts you in an aggressive manner, or even if you attack your own self with a stream of negative self-accusations- you can use Tapping right on the spot to deflect the power of the assault by applying it a special way. This allows you to ‘step back’ with comfort, even if the actual confrontation continues.

I (Pat Carrington) train people to do this through ‘simulated practice’ so that in a single training session you learn a new way of using EFT that can immunize you against aggression. This training session is different from any that I have previously created because of the realistic simulations that are used and the new ‘EFT Immunization’ process.

When you take this mini-course, you have a chance to protect yourself against aggression and its ill effects in an amazing manner.

Immunize Yourself Against Major Conflict Training with Dr. Pat Carrington

This unusual combination audio also includes a new eBook – “Immunize Yourself against Confrontations:  A Workbook of Tactics” by Dr. Patricia Carrington. 

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Immunize Yourself Against Conflict Audio, E-Book, and Transcript


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