Do I always have to use the self-acceptance phrase in EFT?

Question: I find that the phrase, “I deeply and completely accept myself” is not always applicable.  For example, if I’m anxious about driving on a highway where there’s a lot of traffic and careless drivers (I am!) what does “accepting myself” have to do with that?  It seems sort of out of place to say it.

Answer: While the self-acceptance phrase in EFT works excellently for many situations, particularly if your self-worth is threatened by that situation, for some other situations different wording may be more suitable to use in the last part of the Set-Up phrase.

A very useful alternative to, “I deeply and completely accept myself”, is an all-purpose phrase that is part of my Choices Method; “I choose to be calm and confident”.  This phrase addresses a surprising number of situations and is especially useful if you are using EFT for a future event (Anticipatory EFT).  You could also say, “I choose to be calm and relaxed,” which applies broadly to many situations.  I have, in fact, developed a whole system of substitute phrases which one can use strategically in EFT.  I call these “Choices Phrases.”

While such variations are extremely useful once you are familiar with EFT, I suggest that when you are just getting started, that you stick with one or two familiar set-up phrases which you can use without thinking about it.  Later on, if you want, you can develop a more flexible, custom-made approach to EFT which can expand its usefulness. 

Dr. , EFT Master

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