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Shed the Burden of Continuous Worry

Audio and E-Book: by Patricia Carrington Ph.D.

(Previously Entitled ("Erasing the Habit of Worrying" #13)

The fact is that worrying about something that we fear will happen is actually self defeating because it rapidly shuts down the higher centers of the brain necessary for the most efficient problem-solving. What is more, worry all too often masquerades as a helpful activity, one that is necessary to “save us,” even though actually it seriously hampers us.


Clearing Your Financial Fears with Dr. Pat Carrington

Teleseminar #40 Clearing Financial Fears with Emotional Erasing

If you worry about your finances in the hope of finding an answer to challenges around money, you soon discover that this doesn’t lead to productive action or inner peace – this teleseminar could produce an amazing turnaround for you. 

In this powerful training event, you will learn a new EFT process, Emotional Erasing, which allows you to counter the destructive effects of negative and alarming self-talk (something we all experience during stressful times), at the exact moment  you are experiencing such negative thoughts.

With this new process, you can stay calm and confident even when facing severe financial challenges and handle them great effectiveness.  When your energy around finances dramatically switches, it is then highly likely that you will attract much more favorable outer circumstances.

I invite you to join me as I unveil, and lead you through, this amazing, healing process!


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Stepping Into the New – (Audio)

Stepping Into the New - Audio Recording Product by Dr. Patricia Carrington

Product by Dr. Patricia Carrington

(Formerly Clearing Your Fears of Newness Using EFT #39)

Is there something you would like to do but you think you just can't do it? Change your job? Learn a new language? Ask someone for a date? Take a crafting class?

In this training session, Dr. Carrington addresses the “Newness Fear;” a common problem that stops people from making very constructive moves in their lives just because they have not done a particular thing before (or failed at it in the past).

During this 90 minute class, Dr. Carrington teaches a powerful new EFT-based technique known as “Emotional Erasing” to rapidly counteract the damaging impact of negative self-statements – those critical thoughts that so often express derision and self-doubt. This surprisingly effective new approach sets you free to move ahead with constructive projects and important next steps in your life.

Don't be afraid any longer!


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Hidden Aspects of the Fear of Flying (Article)

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

Most of us know that fear of flying usually has many aspects and that it may well require more than one session of EFT to clear up this type of fear entirely.

I frequently get email, telling me that the writers have not been as successful as they would like to be in clearing a flight phobia completely, even when using EFT, although they have targeted some of the more familiar aspects of plane fears such as: 


Multiple Phobias Treated with EFT – 10-Year Follow-Up (Article)

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

There are times when nature seems to help us out by testing our EFT work to see whether it’s “for real.”  My experience with “Louise” is a prime example of this and also demonstrates the extraordinary lasting power of this approach.

When Louise originally consulted me it was for problems she had “leaving home.”  She was a highly competent executive in a major corporation, a large, rangy young woman with startlingly blue eyes, a pretty face, and the ways of an exuberant child.  She would often burst into my office like a whirlwind and start talking long before she was seated.




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