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EFT Choices Combination Manual & Action Audios

EFT Choices Manual and Action AudiosThis package includes Pat Carrington's highly acclaimed Choices Training Manual, which teaches you the widely accepted Choices Method to create life-changing breakthroughs (or for others) that were previously impossible using only basic EFT. As well as, her Choices in Action audios, where you join Dr. Carrington in a live telephone session with a client as she demonstrates applying the Choices Method, while utilizing Personal Resource states, to an issue of self-esteem.



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First Steps in EFT – Learn EFT in Under 1 Hour

You may have heard of the method known as "EFT" (Emotional Freedom Techniques). It is a self-development technique that combines the principles of modern psychology with ancient acupressure to bring about profound emotional and physical healing.

The First Steps in EFT DVD gives you easy-to-follow authoritative instruction in EFT. Created by Dr. Patricia Carrington, EFT Founding Master and pioneer in the field of energy psychology, this DVD covers everything you need to know to begin using it immediately ~~ Your "First Steps" toward realizing major shifts in your perceptions and attitudes about yourself, your life and your relationship with others.

As you watch the First Steps in EFT video, you are given an opportunity to practice how to use EFT "tapping" to handle a unique problem of your own. (trying the method out on yourself is worth a thousand words!)

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This combination package includes The Choices Manual plus The Choices Workshop DVDs. The Choices Training Manual teaches you the widely acclaimed Choices Method.  And the Choices Workshop DVDs give you an unprecedented opportunity to "attend" Dr. Carrington's popular workshop in the privacy of your home, or at the office — undisturbed. 






EFT Choices in Action, by Dr. Patricia CarringtonSit in on a "live" EFT telephone session with a client while Dr. Carrington shows you new ways to apply the Choices method and personal Resources States to a problem of self esteem.

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By Dr. Patricia Carrington

This book takes you to the next level after the movie and also provides a highly effective way of presenting EFT to newcomers and giving authoritative information to skeptics. It makes an outstanding "spread the word on EFT" gift, bringing the wonder of EFT right into the home  The book is a beautiful hardcover, with 225 pages.



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